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Miami Heat star slams NBA media for controversial decision

By meerna Jul11,2024
Miami Heat star slams NBA media for controversial decision

The Memphis Grizzlies have two of the last three Defensive Player of the Year award winners on their roster, but Miami Heat star Bam Adebayo believes he should have at least one of them. Speaking to Vince Goodwill of Yahoo SportsAdebayo slammed the NBA media for changing the rules of the game.

“The point guard (Marcus Smart) beat me, the center (Rudy Gobert) beat me, the power forward (Jaren Jackson Jr.) beat me,” Adebayo told Yahoo Sports. “The goalposts are moving for me, to some extent. It’s me and a lot of undrafted guys, and we still have a top-five defense.”

Adebayo added: “These other guys have All-NBA guys (around them). Part of it is we don’t really care about them and that’s fine. I think they need to pay attention to consistency because being a top-five DPOY, I think I have the longest streak of All-Defensive teams, so the goalposts are moving for me.”

It’s certainly fair that Adebayo feels that way, as he carries one of the biggest defensive responsibilities in all of basketball. Still, there are a lot of really talented defenders in the NBA, making it difficult to pick just one Defensive Player of the Year each season. Adebayo doesn’t have a Defensive Player of the Year award yet, but he does have five All-Defensive selections.

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