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Meet the Baker of Le Joli Macaron in Louisville, Kentucky

By meerna Jul11,2024
Meet the Baker of Le Joli Macaron in Louisville, Kentucky

Sweet, whipped icing is carefully piped onto thin, delicate layers of meringue. The scent of rich vanilla wafts from the kitchen throughout the house as Jill Lascoe’s family gathers in the kitchen to retrieve the “rejected” macarons.

Lascoe, 34, is the brains behind Le Joli Macaron, which translates to “Beautiful Macaron,” a term that best describes the business she runs from home and at local markets.

Flavors like pistachio, fruit pebbles, birthday cake, and lemon and berries are just the tip of the iceberg for this boutique baker. Lascoe also makes macaroni ice cream sandwiches, macaroon cakes, and his own “fatcarons”: overstuffed and dramatic macarons.

Lascoe founded Le Jolie Macaron after her hobby of baking cakes became an unexpected success.

“I’ve always had a hobby of baking,” Lascoe told the Courier Journal. “After having my third child, I needed a hobby for myself more than being a mom. Macarons are notoriously difficult to make, so this was just a challenge.”

Lascoe’s friends and family liked her macarons so much that they encouraged her to start a business. Over the past two years, Le Joli Macaron has been building its brand and local success. Lascoe now sells her wares at the St. Matthews Farmers Market, 4100 Shelbyville Road, every other Saturday. Lascoe says she usually sells them out by 11:30 a.m.

Although Lascoe dreams of opening her own shop, she doesn’t bake cakes solely for profit.

“My slogan is ‘baking for joy,’” Lascoe said. “I just want to help people celebrate special events and put a smile on their faces.”

Lascoe works part-time in healthcare but finds time to bake new macarons, which her husband and children have been very supportive of.

“They describe themselves as good taste testers,” Lascoe said.

Her family also helps sell produce at farmers markets whenever they can.

Lascoe’s traditional flavors include red velvet, confetti cake, brown sugar, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla bean, and snickerdoodle. According to Lascoe, vanilla bean is her most popular macaron flavor. It’s followed by pistachio.

A dozen traditional macarons are $30, a dozen specialty macarons are $33, and the pasta dough starts at $30. A dozen Lascoe’s specialty fatcarons are $48.

To purchase, contact the company via social media and keep an eye out for local pop-up events.

Contact business reporter Bailey Reed at [email protected].

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