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Maryland businesses benefited greatly from the filming of ‘Woman in the Lake’

By meerna Jul11,2024
Maryland businesses benefited greatly from the filming of ‘Woman in the Lake’

BALTIMORE – The production of the miniseries “Lady in the Lake” in Baltimore has given Maryland’s economy a major boost.

The Apple+ series, starring Natalie Portman and Baltimore native Moses Ingram, premieres Friday, July 19.

“Lady in the Lady” is a film based on the novel by former Baltimore Sun journalist Laura Lippman, which draws inspiration from two real, separate disappearances of a white Jewish girl and a black woman in Baltimore in the 1960s.

Their disappearances are connected by the book’s main character, Maddie Schwartz, who begins an investigation.

Esther Lebowitz, an 11-year-old Jewish girl, was kidnapped and murdered, while 33-year-old Shirley Parker, a black woman, was found dead in the fountain at Druid Hill Park Reservoir.

Portman plays Schwartz, a housewife who reinvents herself as an investigative journalist. In her journey, Schwartz will clash with Cleo Sherwood (Ingram), a mother who juggles “a multitude of occupations and a passionate commitment to advancing the progressive agenda of black people in Baltimore,” Apple said.

“I love these period dramas because they take you back in time and give you a glimpse of Baltimore in a particular era,” said Debbie Dorsey of the Baltimore Film Office.

Even though the series goes back in time in which the action takes place, there will be no shortage of familiar moments.

The Lady in the Lake production team began scouting in Baltimore in November 2021, with filming beginning in May 2022 and lasting three and a half months, with locations throughout the region.

“I can tell you that you’ll see Hollins Market,” Dorsey said. “You’ll see the parade route, there’s a big Thanksgiving parade that Baltimore used to have, so there’s a big parade scene. You’ll see some really cool-looking areas around Hamilton.”

Dorsey says the Motion Picture Association estimates that producers of shows like “Lady in the Lake” spend about $250,000 per day at locations where they are filmed.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore said the series’ production created 1,132 jobstook advantage of goods and services offered by 2,456 local businesses and earned more than $100 million while filming in Maryland.

“There’s a tropical fish store in Glen Burnie that sold them aquariums and rented them tropical fish for the big scene,” said Jack Gerbers, director of the Maryland Film Office. “It’s an important scene in the show.”

“Film production benefits not only the crew, not only the actors, but also a lot of small businesses in Baltimore and Maryland,” Dorsey said.

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