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Indianapolis woman kills man, leaves him for dead, says she has to take kids to school

By meerna Jul11,2024
Indianapolis woman kills man, leaves him for dead, says she has to take kids to school

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman allegedly refused to stay at the scene after she struck and killed a man walking on the city’s Southeast Side last November.

As the man lay dying and a witness tried to help him, the woman allegedly repeated, “I have to take the kids to school,” before jumping into her car, still sticky with the victim’s blood, and fleeing the scene.

Eva Marin, 40, was charged in April with one count of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, a fourth-degree felony. A warrant was issued for her arrest, but Marin was not booked into the Marion County Jail until Tuesday.

Shortly thereafter, she posted $4,000 bail.

Eva Marin (Marion County Jail)

According to court documents, Marin was behind the wheel of a black Dodge Charger with a police spotlight that was spotted in the area of ​​Southeastern Avenue and Wildwood Farms Boulevard around 6:15 a.m. on Nov. 28, 2023.

A witness reportedly was driving by when he noticed the body lying in the road. Parked near the body was a black Dodge Charger and a woman matching Marin’s description.

“She looked like she was crying,” a witness told Marin police in court documents.

Marin did not call 911 but instead stood for a moment while the witness did. Dispatchers told the witness to try CPR on the victim — later identified as Cedric McCombs — but the witness said McCombs took his last breath and by then it was too late.

While the witness was on the phone to 911, Marin allegedly jumped back into her Charger and fled the scene, repeating that she had to get home to help her children get to school.

Indy Metro Police stopped at the scene of the fatal crash and were waiting to see if the Charger would return in the coming days, assuming it might be the driver’s regular route.

Sure enough, on Nov. 30, an officer spotted Marin driving a Dodge Charger and stopped the vehicle. The officer noted that “blood, brain tissue, and tissue” were still inside the vehicle. Part of the bumper and quarter panel were also missing, matching debris found at the scene of a fatal traffic accident.

According to police, when asked about McCombs’ death, Marin became “nervous and panicked” and attempted to make several “annoying phone calls.”

Marin eventually told police she was driving home from work the morning of Nov. 28 when she reached down to turn off the heat and felt her car hit something. Marin told police she got out of her car and saw the victim bleeding.

When asked if she called 911, Marin allegedly told police, “No, he was already dead and I didn’t do anything.”

Official charges against Marin were not filed until April, which led to an arrest warrant being issued. Marin was taken into custody by police on July 9. She posted bail shortly thereafter.

If convicted, Marin faces up to 12 years in prison.

By meerna

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