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Indiana Launches Plan to Eliminate Car Crash Deaths

By meerna Jul11,2024
Indiana Launches Plan to Eliminate Car Crash Deaths

The Indianapolis City-County Council this week introduced a proposal aimed at eliminating all fatal and serious car crashes by 2035.

The plan is in line with the international street safety concept Vision Zero, which aims to prevent pedestrian deaths in car accidents.

“The introduction of Vision Zero is a significant step toward making our streets safer for everyone,” said Indiana State Councilman and sponsor Andy Nielsen in a news release. “Traffic fatalities and serious injuries are not just accidents; they are preventable tragedies. We owe it to our community to take action.”

The proposal calls for a Vision Zero Task Force to develop and implement an action plan by July 1, 2025. The 15-member task force will be made up of council members and community representatives and must meet at least twice a year.

The action plan will be consistent with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Safe System Approach, which aims to reduce driver errors and emphasize proactive safety measures.

Vision Zero has been a topic of discussion in Indianapolis since 2016, when it was mentioned in the Indianapolis County-wide Pedestrian Safety Plan.

Many cities of similar size have adopted Vision Zero plans. Columbus, Ohio, for example, lowered speed limits, installed crosswalks and removed obstacles near intersections.

The city has always been constrained by the state’s road funding formula, which allocates funds based on road miles, meaning a mile of single-lane road used once a day is equal to the amount spent by a freeway that sees peak traffic twice a day.

But there may be solutions that don’t rely on this funding formula. Cities like Cincinnati and Milwaukee, which have implemented low-cost “traffic-calming” solutions like speed bumps or speed signs.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works said it is investing in “tactical urbanism,” which includes a variety of smaller traffic-calming measures. The department is also spending unused funds originally earmarked for salting roads to make school zone intersections safer for pedestrians.


By meerna

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