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Indiana Fever 2024 Schedule: Dates, Times, TV Channels, Live Streams to Watch WNBA Games Caitlin Clark

By meerna Jul11,2024
Indiana Fever 2024 Schedule: Dates, Times, TV Channels, Live Streams to Watch WNBA Games Caitlin Clark

Got spring fever? Don’t worry, the WNBA season is just beginning.

Indiana is a team to watch, in case you haven’t heard. The Fever used their second straight No. 1 draft pick on none other than Caitlin Clark, making this franchise one of the most anticipated teams to watch in 2024.

In addition to Clark, there are a number of other names to watch on Indiana’s young roster: Aliyah Boston, a 2023 first-round draft pick; Kelsey Mitchell, a WNBA All-Star; Erica Wheeler, an undrafted free agent turned All-Star; and many others.

Indianapolis is a basketball town. To join the league-changing WNBA season, here’s how to watch and attend every Fever game this season.

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Indiana Fever 2024 Schedule

The Fever will open their 2024 season in Connecticut on May 14, before making their home debut two days later. Here’s their full season schedule.

Date Opponent Time (ET) TV/Live Broadcast Tickets/Results
Tuesday, May 14 on Sunday 7:30 p.m. ESPN2, Disney+, Sling Sun 92, Fever 71
Thursday, May 16 against Freedom 19:00 Prime Video Freedom 102, Fever 66
Saturday, May 18 on freedom 1 p.m. ABC, slingshot Freedom 91, Fever 80
Monday, May 20 against the Sun 19:00 ESPN, Slingshot Sun 88, Fever 84
Wed, May 22 in the storm 10 pm WNBA League Season Ticket Storm 85, Fever 83
Fri, May 24 in Sparks 10 pm ION, Fubo Fever 78, Sparks 73
Saturday, May 25 in Aces 9 pm NBA TV, Sling Aces 99, Rush 80
Tuesday, May 28 compared to Sparks 19:00 NBA TV, Sling Sparks 88, Fever 82
Thursday, May 30 against Storm 19:00 Prime Video Storm 103, Fever 88
Saturday, June 1st vs. Heaven 12 pm ESPN, Slingshot Fever 71, Heaven 70
Sun, June 2nd on freedom 19:00 NBA TV, Sling Freedom 104, Fever 68
Fri, June 7 in Mysticism 7:30 p.m. ION, Fubo Fever 85, Mystics 83
Monday, June 10 on Sunday 19:00 NBA TV, Sling Sun 89, Fever 72
Thursday, June 13 vs. Dream 19:00 ESPN3, Belt Fever 91, Sleep 84
Sun, June 16 vs. Heaven South CBS, Fubo, Paramount+ Fever 93, Heaven 83
Wed, June 19 vs Mystics 19:00 NBA TV, Sling Fever 88, Mystics 81
Fri, June 21 in Dream 7:30 p.m. ION, Fubo Fever 91, Sleep 79
Sun, June 23 in heaven 16:00 ESPN, Slingshot Heaven 88, Fever 87
Thursday, June 27 in the storm 10 pm Prime Video Storm 89, Fever 77
Sun, June 30 in Mercury 15:00 ESPN, Slingshot Fever 88, Mercury 82
Tuesday, July 2nd in aces 21:30 ESPN, Slingshot Aces 88, Fever 69
Saturday, July 6 against Freedom 1 pm CBS, Fubo, Paramount+ Fever 83, Freedom 78
Wed, July 10 vs. Mystics South NBA TV, Sling Mystics 89, Fever 84
Fri, July 12 compared to Mercury 7:30 p.m. ION, Fubo buy now
Sun, July 14 in Rysiu 16:00 ESPN, Slingshot buy now
Wed, July 17 in Wings 7:30 p.m. ESPN, Slingshot buy now
Fri, 16 Aug compared to Mercury 7:30 p.m. ION, Fubo buy now
Sun, August 18 against Storm 15:30 ABC, slingshot buy now
Saturday, August 24 in Rysiu 20:00 NBA TV, Sling buy now
Monday, August 26 in Dream 7:30 p.m. NBA TV, Sling buy now
Wed, Aug 28 against the Sun 19:00 NBA TV, Sling buy now
Fri, Aug 30 in heaven 7:30 p.m. ION, Fubo buy now
Sun, September 1 in Wings 16:00 NBA TV, Sling buy now
Wed, September 4 compared to Sparks 19:00 CBS Sports Network, Fubo buy now
Friday, September 6 compared to Lynx 7:30 p.m. ION, Fubo buy now
Sun, September 8 vs. Dream 16:00 ESPN3, Belt buy now
Wed, September 11 compared to the Aces 19:00 NBA TV, Sling buy now
Friday, September 13 compared to the Aces 7:30 p.m. ION, Fubo buy now
Sun, September 15 against the Wings 15:00 NBA TV, Sling buy now
Thursday, September 19 in Mysticism 19:00 Prime Video buy now

How to watch Fever matches in 2024: TV channels, live streams

The Fever will televise 38 games nationally this season, the most in the league. Channels include ABC and ESPN family services, CBS, CBS Sports Network, ION and NBA TV.

Some games will be streamed on Prime Video. Games on CBS, CBS Sports Network, and ION can also be streamed on Fubo, while Sling will stream games on ABC, the ESPN network, and NBA TV.

If the Fever matches aren’t available to watch live in your location or if you’re travelling abroad, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs provide a secure and private connection online, allowing you to bypass geographic restrictions to access your favourite streaming services from any device, anywhere in the world.

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Indiana Fever 2024 Tickets

Tickets for all Fever matches this season, both home and away, are available on StubHub.

Tickets to see Clark and Co. have been going strong ever since the rookie announced she’s entering the 2024 WNBA draft. The cheapest tickets for her debut in Connecticut on May 14 are currently $74. Those waiting for her homecoming in Indianapolis can see the Fever for just $18 when they make their home debut against New York on May 16.

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