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Hot and humid, with storms on the way – NBC Boston

By meerna Jul11,2024
Hot and humid, with storms on the way – NBC Boston

We’re still in the thick of it. Heat indices (what it feels like when you combine heat and humidity) will climb into the mid- to upper-90s this afternoon. Sun will sneak between the clouds (hey, at least there’s some shade) after the morning drizzle clears, but the threat for storms remains minimal this afternoon.

Interestingly, many people pray for a storm or downpour to “cool things down.” But be careful what you wish for. Each of these clouds can dump huge amounts of water and cause flash flooding. Plus, storms increase humidity, so it’s more of a trade-off with the heat.

The biggest threat from thunder and heavy rain will be on Saturday (unfortunately). A weak weather system will move through from early morning to late afternoon, causing thunderstorms. In addition to gusty winds and lightning, our biggest threat will be local flooding.

As we saw last night in northern New England, these cells are very efficient at squeezing water out of the atmosphere. In some places, nearly 6 inches accumulated in a matter of hours.

The sun will return on Sunday along with warm temperatures. It may be noticeably less humid in most areas except the Cape and Islands. However, any relief we get from the sticky air will disappear on Monday.

Humidity and warmth will return by mid-week with temperatures rising into the low/mid 90s°F.

But real relief may be coming. Towards the end of the week and into next weekend, there seems to be hope for cooler air and lower humidity.

By meerna

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