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Gas can touches exhaust, lights cover burning motorcycle – Detroit Lakes Tribune

By meerna Jul11,2024
Gas can touches exhaust, lights cover burning motorcycle – Detroit Lakes Tribune

  • 9:25 am, A jet ski tire and seat were reported stolen from a business on Washington Avenue in Detroit Lakes.
  • 9:42 am, Vandalism was reported along Oak Street in Detroit Lakes when eggs were driven into a vehicle.
  • 11:09 am, A motorcycle burst into flames along 185th Street, Detroit Lakes. The driver of the 2021 Can-Am Spyder was a 71-year-old man from Bemidji. He testified that a can of gas and a blanket were attached to the passenger seat. The blanket had slipped off. When he adjusted the blanket, the can of gas fell off and touched the exhaust. The man testified that the blanket burst into flames shortly thereafter.
  • 12:34 pm, A car accident was reported along 175th Street, Audubon, when a service truck hit the shoulder of the road and overturned on its side. The driver experienced dizziness and neck pain and was taken to Essentia. There was no further information about the driver in the event log.
  • 13:15, The theft was reported at a business on US Highway 10 in Lake Park, where two worthless checks were issued.
  • 15:18, A rape was reported near Shell Lake in Ponsford. The suspect is a 28-year-old man from Grand Forks. The victim is a woman from Detroit Lakes.
  • 20:19, Gunshots were reportedly fired along County Highway 34, Ogema. Three teenagers fired air guns and pellet guns and smashed a car window.
  • 7 am, There were reports of threats at a business on Lake Street in Frazee where a man threatened to kill a woman’s children.
  • 9:02 am, A small bag of a substance believed to be drugs was found at the tribe’s White Earth Village headquarters. The bag was discarded. The incident report does not provide any further information on what substance was identified in the bag.
  • 13:16, A fire was reported in a welding tank at Lake Park Elementary School. The fire was extinguished without incident or injuries.
  • 15:50, Fires were reported near a residence on County Road 122, Frazee. An active controlled burn permit has been approved for the property.
  • 17:21, The theft was reported when two 15-year-old Detroit Lakes boys took items without paying from a business along U.S. Highway 10, Detroit Lakes. The teens were escorted out of the store.
  • 21:02, A person with a gun was reported along West Lake Drive, Detroit Lakes. The reporter believed the person was shooting at a raccoon. The person with the gun was on their property but stated he did not fire a weapon.
  • 20:19, A domestic assault in Detroit Lakes led to the arrest of a 70-year-old Detroit Lakes man. The victim was a woman.
  • 9:04 am, An attempted scam was reported at a home on 336th Avenue, Ogema. The victim was contacted by a scammer who threatened to put child pornography on her account if a ransom in bitcoins was not paid.
  • 10:29 am, Fraud was reported at a home on County Highway 6 in Detroit Lakes, where unauthorized charges totaling $5,000 were made to a credit card.
  • 18:07, Suspicious activity was reported at a home on Rock Rice Road where a television was stolen and mail appeared to be missing.
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