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FUTURE FEST Announced for Boston’s City Hall Plaza in August

By meerna Jul11,2024
FUTURE FEST Announced for Boston’s City Hall Plaza in August

For one night only, Boston’s City Hall Plaza will be transformed into an interactive playground of the future with FUTURE FEST, the latest collaboration between MF Dynamics and the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.

The brainchild and curator of percussionist, composer and new media artist Maria Finkelmeier, FUTURE FEST promises an immersive journey into the future. Attendees will experience mesmerizing live performances, interactive light art, a vibrant DJ dance party and an atmosphere filled with positive energy. Featuring a diverse group of regional artists, this transformative event will bring the square to life on August 3rd from 8:00–11:00 p.m.

Maria says, “Visioning FUTURE FEST was an incredible opportunity to not only transform City Hall Plaza, but also to highlight the incredible multimedia work that is being created in our city and beyond! The Plaza as a platform for performing and sharing art is the best sandbox we could have asked for, there are so many hidden nooks and crannies and stages, we can’t wait for you all to be a part of it.”

Billy Dean Thomas, Director of Engagement at City Hall Plaza, adds, “Our goal for this year’s City Hall Plaza activations is to literally and metaphorically occupy the space. I wanted to experiment with placemaking and work with creative powerhouses like MF Dynamics, who specialize in building worlds through sound and light.”

Admission to FUTURE FEST is free and open to the public. Learn more and RSVP here:


Former Self is a dynamic and curious multi-sensory performance by Maria Finkelmeier on marimba, electronics, voice and percussion, which serves as the starting point for an evening of light art and dance performance. Finkelmeier’s sound is rooted in avant-garde exploratory principles but inspired by the unyielding hooks of dance. She will light up City Hall with generative visualizations created by tracking her physical movement, as well as live digital media by Allison Tanenhaus.

Allotropic Aurora: Watch the shape and color change as you move in front of the cube, creating beautiful patterns with your movement. Author: Dan Pogue.

Former/Future: An interactive installation by MF Dynamics team Maria Finkelmeier, Andrew Ringler and John Escobar, Former/Future invites you to stop, listen and look. Driven by an aging AI filter and grounded by a wistful soundtrack, it offers a chance to see yourself in time and ask yourself “what would you say to your past and future self?”

Proxima Flow: Andrew Hylnsky, see how your presence changes the visual energy of the square. Using LiDAR technology, while you dance, City Hall will do the same!

A Thousand Times Forever: A video installation by Holly Danger that captures the beauty and balance of movement and stillness. As you enter this magical realm, you are surrounded by thousands of suspended strings, illuminated by projections. Notice how the strings move with the air, abstracting the projections and casting shadows and light. The strings are a metaphor for the endless swirl of thoughts that constantly ebb and flow within us. They convey the complexity of our minds and the challenge of maintaining focus in a world full of distractions. As the strings fall into stillness, you are invited to slow down and move into the peace of the present moment. This work was inspired by the artist’s personal journey to find balance, stillness, and clarity through the practice of daily meditation.

Boston-based African-Native American DJ and producer Chelita’s 2S music incorporates a variety of genres and subgenres she’s listened to since childhood, including bass, house, techno, and more.

What’s on the Line… by Human Movement is a participatory public art piece that draws attention to the shame that women carry within themselves. Filled with words that are typically used towards and about women, the work explores the idea that our social and linguistic norms allow for external, snap judgments that undermine safety and make an entire gender of people feel “less than.” When inhabited by performers and light, the work also revolves around themes of domesticity, layered identity, and transparency.

The new site-specific dance and theatre collective Human Movement Project premieres in Hyde Park. The project features seven dancers and lighting by Anne Dresbach.

Dephrase’s music, combining elements of lo-fi, hip-hop and electronica.

Produced by MF Dynamics, the program is funded by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture with support from WBUR and WERS.


Maria Finkelmeier

Human Movement Project


Allison Tanenhaus

Holly Danger

Andrew Hlynsky

Anna Dresbach

Andrew Ringler

John Escobar

Dan Pogue

To rephrase

About MF Dynamics:

MF Dynamics creates large-scale public art and performances, immersive, multi-sensory moments in art and concert venues, digital art, and original music. Our mission is to generate moments of connection through tangible, ephemeral, and unforgettable experiences. We combine musical performance with new technologies, inviting narrative and reflection into multi-sensory experiences. Founded by Boston composer, percussionist, and public artist Maria Finkelmeier, and comprised of dozens of collaborators, we are driven by curiosity and compassion and strive to deliver unforgettable offerings to time-mark our collective and individual histories.

About Maria Finkelmeier:

Described as a “dynamo-one-woman” by the Boston Globe, Maria Finkelmeier is a percussionist, composer, new media artist, and associate professor of creative entrepreneurship at Berklee College of Music. Fascinated by making noise, she transformed Fenway Park into a percussive playground and the Roebling Bridge into an instrument of sound and light. She has used artificial intelligence to explore gender bias through music, transformed a bus into a mobile electronic drum program, and performed at iconic venues around the world, including Carnegie Hall, the Smithsonian, and the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées. Her groundbreaking work has been featured in the Boston Globe, National Parks Magazine, Boston Magazine, Vulture, SunSentinel, I Care if you Listen, and on WGBH, WBUR, and CBS. She is the founder of the experimental music, art, and technology studio MF Dynamics, holds a BM from Ohio State University and an MM from the Eastman School of Music. She is a Yamaha Performing Artist.


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