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Former DELAIN singer CHARLOTTE WESSELS joins forces with EPICA’s SIMONE SIMONS on new single “Dopamine”

By meerna Jul11,2024
Former DELAIN singer CHARLOTTE WESSELS joins forces with EPICA’s SIMONE SIMONS on new single “Dopamine”

Ex DELAIN singer Charlotte Wessels joined forces with EPIC‘S Simone Simons Down Apple piemesmerizing new single titled “Dopamine”. This song is part of WesselsThe first traditional full-length solo album by the entire band, “Obsession”whose premiere is scheduled for September 20, 2024. Napalm RecordsPromising a deeply immersive and evocative experience, the two Dutch symphonic metal legends take listeners through the emotional landscape of SSRI-induced numbness. “Obsession” exhibitions WesselsThe band’s most mature work to date, combining progressive and heavier sounds with catchy elements.

Supported by her ex DELAIN band members who contributed to the heavier sound of the album, Wessels is set to bring “Obsession” on stage this year. The journey begins with a premiere show on October 4, 2024 at the TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, followed by a special guest performance with colleagues from the label CAMELOT AND INDEFINITELY in Drachten on October 11, 2024. After these shows, Wessels will join VOLA on them “Phantom’s Friend” European tour 2024, starting November 1st.

Wessels comments: “Text-wise, Dopamine is about the SSRI-induced numbness I experienced a few years ago when I was taking sertraline, a type of antidepressant. While the medication was really helpful, there were so many side effects I had never heard of. This song addresses some of them, and while it seems like a risk to share this experience, I hope it helps break down the shame and taboo around the topic.

Simona he contacted me when I first opened up about it in an interview and when the first version came out Dopamine fell on Patreon (because, of course, we’re each other’s Patreons) wrote how much she loved the song. So when we were working on the album version, it was only logical to ask if she’d sing along. I’m so happy she said yes, and after all that introspection together, I had a blast wearing pink wigs in ball pits and marshmallows during the video shoot. Musically, from the entire new album, Dopamine underwent the biggest transformation. What started as an EDM demo for a dance duo collaboration that never happened became an acoustic “Song of the Month” on Patreonwhich then underwent a major renovation during the reconstruction TimoThe new version of the band is an absolute hit, with beautiful guest vocals Simona finish the song.”

“Obsession” characters Wessels‘S Napalm Records debut, and her earlier solo ventures — full-length song compilations “Tales from Six Feet Under” (2021) and “Tales from Six Feet Under, Volume II” (2022) — has already gained a considerable number of fans, “Obsession” truly takes her career to the next level.

The new album promises a cohesive exploration of fear and liberation, as well as compelling melancholy and dark, catchy elements meeting progressive and heavier soundscapes. The storytelling in the songs adds even more depth to the multi-faceted album, making “Obsession” an exciting listening experience and WesselsThe most mature solo offering to date.

At the same time, he continues to write and produce songs in his own Six Feet Under home studio in the basement and sharing your first incarnations with your clients, Wessels now he takes songs from his new album, “Obsession”to a higher level with a group of his former colleaguesDELAIN cohorts Timo Somers (guitars, additional arrangements),Otto Schimmelpenninck Van Der Oije (bass) and Joey Marin De Boer (drums) and Zofia Wiernikow (piano/Hammond), contributing to a new, heavier sound. The album also includes arrangements Vikram Shankar (THE SILENCE OF HEAVEN, THE PAIN OF SALVATION),cello through Elianne Anemaatwas mixed up by Guido Aalbers (MUSE, COLD GAME, MEETING) and was taken over by Andy VanDette (HEDGEHOG TREE, VOLA, THEATRE OF DREAMS).

Wessels about the new album: “On the one hand, this album tells a very personal story – through the unintentional theme of fear, obsessive thoughts and escaping them – and at the same time, it represents the joy of finding the true forms of a song with everyone involved in the creation of this album. That’s why I chose “Obsession” as the title. It refers to my personal struggles with OCD, which inspired a lot of the songs — but I also started calling the band my “obsession” because there were moments in the studio with them that really reminded me why I was so fascinated by making music in the first place.”

The themes of fear, obsessive thoughts, and escaping reality are omnipresent on the album, making songs like “Exorcism”, “The Crying Room” AND “Ode to the West Wind” (with the participation of Alissa White-Gluz With ARCH ENEMY). In addition, there are songs that offer a more optimistic approach to the subject — such as “Dopamine” (with the participation of Simone Simons With EPIC) who copes with SSRI-induced numbness, or “Praise” — who sings the gospel of needing external approval to feel anything. A reimagining of a fan favorite “Soft Revolution” won’t leave a single dry eye in the room while “Stuffy” AND “Serpentine” present a dark sensuality never seen before. Each song acts as an exorcism in itself, an attempt to throw out a bit of the fear it faces.

Wessels about the guests: “I am extremely grateful and proud to be able to add Simone Simons AND Alissa White-Gluz to the lineup of this album. They are creative powerhouses that I love and respect so much. Every time we get to work together it is an absolute pleasure and they really elevate the songs with their performances.”

“Obsession” list of songs:

01. Chasing the Sunset
02. Dopamine
03. Exorcism
04. Dusznik
05. The Crying Room
06. Ode to the West Wind
07. Serpentine
08. Praise
09. Everything you are
10. Strength and courage
11. Breathe
12. Soft revolution (2024)

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