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Fluminense looking to sign Rigoni after leaving Austin FC

By meerna Jul11,2024
Fluminense looking to sign Rigoni after leaving Austin FC

After months of frustrating negotiations, Fluminense finally appear to be close to finalizing a deal with Argentine striker Emiliano Rigoni. After notable performances in São Paulo and recently playing for Austin FC, Rigoni is now a free agent after having his contract with the American club terminated in May of this year.

Fluminense’s board, who have long been open about wanting to sign Rigoni, are in advanced talks to bring the 31-year-old to Laranjeiras. The offer on the table is a two-year contract, a tempting proposition for a player who, in addition to his technical skills, has experience playing in top clubs and leagues. Since January, when the Carioca club tried unsuccessfully to sign him, hopes of seeing him in the tricolour have not diminished. At the time, Austin FC were adamant about keeping the player, but now that Rigoni is available on the market, the situation is completely different.

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But what can Rigoni bring to Fluminense? A lot. Renowned for his speed, dribbling ability and precision finishing, the striker has what it takes to become a key part of Fluminense’s attack. In addition, his international experience can bring a lot to the team, both on and off the pitch.

Fluminense’s interest in Rigoni is nothing new and comes with a series of complicated trials and negotiations. In January of this year, the Carioca club made a firm offer to sign the Argentine, but Austin FC refused to release him. At the time, Rigoni was doing well in the United States and the American club knew his value. The sale of Rigoni from São Paulo to Austin FC in 2022 for a fee of $4 million clearly demonstrates this.

Now, with his contract terminated and negotiations free, the tricolour board sees a golden opportunity to finally fulfil his long-standing desire. The arrival of Rigoni could be the extra boost Fluminense needs to aim for higher goals this season.

Of course, there is one final detail to sort out: Rigoni’s response. But everything points to a positive outcome. The striker seems keen to return to Brazilian football and sees Fluminense as an excellent opportunity to continue his career. The two-year contract offer is solid and attractive, and there is no doubt that the environment at Laranjeiras would be ideal for him.

There are also challenges ahead. Rigoni will have to adapt to Brazilian football, which has its peculiarities and demands. The fans’ expectations will also be high, and he will have to prove himself in the first few matches to win over the tricolours.

By meerna

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