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Drying fuels could mean trouble with Colorado’s wildfire threat

By meerna Jul11,2024
Drying fuels could mean trouble with Colorado’s wildfire threat

DENVER (KDVR) — With temperatures above freezing predicted for this weekend, temperatures aren’t the only threat to fires — people are a threat, too.

The U.S. Forest Service received reports of 31 abandoned campfires in the region between July 5 and July 8, for a total of 108 abandoned campfires this year.

The warming forecast is a priority, and not just for weekend planners. Rocco Snart, chief of the fire planning division at the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, is paying close attention to the pattern.

“There are some areas where some of the fuels are starting to show signs of drying out and they’re not going to see any relief for a while,” Snart said. “So these next few days and next week are going to be very important.”

Are there any fire restrictions in your area?

Snart said that in such conditions it is especially important to familiarize yourself with fire regulations before leaving, especially where you are spending the weekend.

“If you’re really going to light a fire, and there are no restrictions, it’s important to make sure the fire is cold before you go out,” Snart said.

Start said you can check if the ash is cold with the back of your hand.

Anyone using mechanical or motor-driven equipment should exercise extreme caution.

“If people are going out and doing mitigation and maybe using a chainsaw or, you know, other gas-powered equipment, make sure it has lightning arrestors,” Snart said. “If they’re driving ATVs or UTVs or something like that, make sure they have lightning arrestors as well.”

By meerna

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