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Drilling plans near Denver Superfund site face strong opposition

By meerna Jul11,2024
Drilling plans near Denver Superfund site face strong opposition

Residents near the Lowry Landfill Superfund Site in Denver are opposing a plan to drill 156 oil and gas wells under a reservoir that supplies their drinking water.

Jennifer Oldham reports Capital and Main.

In short:

  • Denver suburban residents have hired a lawyer to argue against Civitas Resources Inc.’s drilling plans, demanding equal time to present their case to state regulators.
  • Federal regulators are concerned that the drilling could jeopardize efforts to prevent cancer-causing chemicals from leaking into groundwater from the Superfund site.
  • Civitas claims the drilling does not pose a health risk, but residents remain unconvinced and have approached various experts for help in conducting further research.

Key Quote:

“I looked everywhere and asthma was never mentioned… It’s one of those horrible things and they didn’t mention it in their application.”

—Conrad Huygen, resident of Aurora

Why is this important:

Environmentalists warn that drilling could disturb toxic residues still lurking underground, posing a serious threat to the ecosystem and public health. Supporters of the drilling project say modern techniques and strict regulations make the operation safe. They tout the economic benefits, pointing to job creation and local income. But for many residents, those assurances ring hollow against the backdrop of a potential environmental disaster.

By meerna

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