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Donald Trump to Deliver Keynote Address at Bitcoin 2024 Conference

By meerna Jul11,2024
Donald Trump to Deliver Keynote Address at Bitcoin 2024 Conference

A historic moment for Bitcoin, and this time it’s not its price! For the first time, former US President Donald Trump will deliver a keynote address at the Bitcoin 2024 event in Nashville, TN.

Donald Trump and his speech at the Bitcoin 2024 event in Nashville

Republican Party candidate for president of the United States, Donald Trump will deliver a keynote address at the Bitcoin 2024 event in Nashville, Tennessee.

Scheduled for July 27, 2024, 2:00 p.m.on the main stage of the event, Trump’s speech will be broadcast live to a global audience on official accounts Bitcoin Conference.

This is a historic moment for the entire cryptocurrency sectorbecause this is the first time in history that a former US president has decided to publicly and directly intervene in the cryptocurrency community.

In this regard, David BaileyCEO of BTC Inc., the organizer of The Bitcoin Conference, commented:

“Since the mining of the first Bitcoin block, the vision of Bitcoin has always been to create a better monetary and financial system for the world. Today’s announcement that the former and future President of the United States will address the global Bitcoin community is a recognition of Bitcoin’s adoption and progress toward that original vision. This will be the most important political event in Bitcoin’s history and a defining cultural moment for our society.”

The Most Important Political Event in Bitcoin’s History

Trump’s Attendance and Intervention at Bitcoin 2024 Event in Nashville, USA Confirms his favorable stance towards cryptocurrenciesalready announced in these months of the election campaign.

In addition to accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as donations to his election campaignTrump continues to say he wants the US to be the world’s Bitcoin leader.

In mid-June, the US presidential candidate suggested in his numerous speeches that he had saw the strategic potential of Bitcoin both as a digital currency and as a technological and financial resource.

Not only the latest new Trump’s Official Republican Platform Defending Bitcoin Mining was announced. Not only, apart from the desire guarantee the freedom of cryptographic transactions, Republicans have also pledged to opposing the introduction of a US central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Anyway, apart from Trump, US Senator for Bitcoin 2024 Bill Hagerty (R-TN) will also be present as a speaker and will make the following comment:

“When Americans go to the polls this fall, their decision about who will lead our country will also determine the fate of Bitcoin here in the United States. It is clear that President Donald J. Trump is the only candidate capable of delivering results for those who love prosperity and freedom.”

Donald Trump to be a speaker at Bitcoin 2024 event in Nashville

Bitcoins 2024 is the annual edition of The Bitcoin Conference and will be open to the public from July 25 to 27 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The event includes: over 20,000 participantsrepresenting over 2,300 companies, which makes it the world’s largest meeting of Bitcoin investors, companies, and enthusiasts.

In addition to Trump’s keynote, Bitcoin 2024 will feature a variety of content from nearly 400 industry leaders representing institutional finance, bitcoin mining, software companies, economists, celebrities, artists, and athletes.

The event offers business development and networking opportunities in the context of a festival, with art, culture, music and innovation. Since its inception in 2019, the popularity of the conference has had a significant economic impact on host cities, and satellite events have grown into a full week of Bitcoin-centric entertainment for thousands of people.

Bitcoin Conference is organized by BTC Inc, the parent company of Bitcoin Magazine. And indeed, behind it all is always David Bailey which was revealed in May 2024 his connection with the Trump election campaign.

In practice, the stakes would be signing an executive order focused on and in favor of BTC, which Trump will be required to sign from his first day in office as the new US president.

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