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Detroit Lions Alex Anzalone has an issue with 18-game comments from Joe Burrow

By meerna Jul11,2024
Detroit Lions Alex Anzalone has an issue with 18-game comments from Joe Burrow

Detroit Lions linebacker Alex Anzalone was not a fan of recent comments made by Cincinnatti Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

Appearing on the Pardon My Take podcast, the talented signal-caller explored what the perfect football schedule could look like, given the league is potentially heading towards an 18-game schedule.

“Gotta have two bye weeks. And I think it’d be cool to do normal bye weeks like it is now. Have it spread out,” Burrow said. “But then, like, Week 13, do the Pro Bowl break. Where you have the 7-on-7 and all the skills challenges, like the NBA does. Because I think that would give more ratings for the Pro Bowl and then it would also give everybody that bye week going into the last six games of the year.”

Having multiple bye weeks could help to ensure players are healthier heading into key moments of the season, including the postseason.

“You want your best players out there as a league,” said Burrow. “You want them out there the last six weeks of the season. You want your best players on the field. So I think that would be a smart idea.”

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Replying to a post made by former Lions quarterback Chase Daniel, Detroit’s veteran linebacker indicated he wished a quarterback was not commenting on the matter.

Anzalone expressed, “Agreed. Hate to say it, but it’s annoying to see a QB comment on it. The guys in the trenches are the ones it hurts.”

The 29-year-old was questioned online regarding what Burrow should have said, when asked a direct question during a podcast interview.

“Just putting the scenario of an 18 week schedule out there doesn’t help the cause,” Anzalone said. “Especially having a larger voice than some. So idk, I’d say, ‘There’s no way I’d agree to 18 games,’ even though speaking in hypotheticals.”

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