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Denver Broncos’ Three Biggest Changes Ahead of 2024 NFL Season

By meerna Jul11,2024
Denver Broncos’ Three Biggest Changes Ahead of 2024 NFL Season

The Denver Broncos have undergone a lot of changes this offseason, but let’s take a look at the three most dramatic changes to the roster. Change is a good thing, and the Denver Broncos have made a lot of changes in the 2024 NFL offseason. The biggest and most obvious change might be what they did at quarterback this offseason.

But other positions have also seen some significant ins and outs. Only time will tell if the Broncos have actually made the right roster moves, but at least you have to trust Sean Payton’s mind. General manager George Payton has made some questionable decisions, but there have been rumors that Sean Payton is the one with the final say over the roster.

Let’s take a look at the three biggest changes to the Denver Broncos roster ahead of the 2024 NFL season.


The biggest change the Denver Broncos have made this offseason is a revamp of their quarterback room. Denver released Russell Wilson and will now take on an NFL-record $85 million in dead cap space in 2024 and 2025. They have struck a pick-swap deal for Zach Wilson, who appears to be a distant QB3 behind Jarrett Stidham and the Broncos’ biggest acquisition, Bo Nix.

Coach Sean Payton finally has a QB room that fits what he wants to do on offense. The quarterbacks, at least Nix and Stidham, are the ones who can run the kind of offense Payton likes, which is based on rhythm and timing.

It can be boring at times to play QB in Sean Payton’s offense, but that’s the point. At some point, I would expect the Denver Broncos to officially name Bo Nix as their starting QB for the 2024 NFL season. It will be a great day in Broncos Country when Nix is ​​named the starter.

By meerna

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