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Denver Broncos must stick with Bo Nix once they give him the green light

By meerna Jul11,2024
Denver Broncos must stick with Bo Nix once they give him the green light

The Denver Broncos have three quarterbacks to choose from to start the 2024 NFL season, but the hope from just about everyone within the fanbase is that first-round pick Bo Nix will get that shot sooner rather than later.

The Broncos must take a calculated approach to when to put Nix on the field and there will be many factors to consider before they do, including what the running game will look like. But once the Broncos make the move to get Nix on the field, they must stick with it.

The Broncos will want to do all they can to build the rookie’s confidence, so once he is plugged in as the starter, they can’t go back on it. If he is named the starter for Week 1, Jarrett Stidham and/or Zach Wilson should only be there for an emergency situation.

Broncos can’t go back on decision to go with Bo Nix

This is incredibly important and not every team is going to get it. Some teams will think they can get their quarterback’s toes wet by putting them in and then pulling them back out when things get rough. That can be quite detrimental.

That is another big factor to consider when determining when to put Nix in and another reason why throwing him in as the starter in Week 1 is not as easy a decision as some seem to believe.

If the Broncos are going to struggle early, there is a great argument to hold off on the debut of Nix.

By meerna

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