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Denver Broncos move Courtland Sutton as part of proposed trade involving Brandon Aiyuk

By meerna Jul11,2024
Denver Broncos move Courtland Sutton as part of proposed trade involving Brandon Aiyuk

NFL media pundits likely won’t stop talking about the Denver Broncos potentially trading wide receiver Courtland Sutton until a trade is made or the team offers him a new contract.

Three-team trade proposals have been gaining popularity in the NFL recently, and CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin has come up with a new proposal that includes the Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, and Washington Commanders.

Perhaps the only wide receiver name that has come up more in trade talks than Sutton is 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. There have been a number of reports recently linking him to the Commanders, where he could play with Jayden Daniels, his former college teammate at Arizona State.

San Francisco receives: Courtland Sutton, a 2025 second-round draft pick.
Washington Receives: Brandon Aiyuk
Denver receives: Jamison Crowder, a 2025 third-round draft pick.

Courtland Sutton joins San Francisco in three-team trade

In that scenario, Aiyuk would end up in Washington, where he clearly wants to go. Sutton would end up on one of the NFL’s best teams and have a chance to play in the Super Bowl this coming season. But is everyone happy?

It looks like the Broncos are getting the short end of the stick here. Jamison Crowder is little more than an experienced depth piece, but the team would get a premium pick in next year’s draft and not have to decide whether to give Sutton more money, which would be a huge relief.

Regardless, the team needs to provide Bo Nix with as many solid targets as possible if they want to see any significant development in his rookie season.

By meerna

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