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Dallas, UP to begin negotiations on potential boundary changes

By meerna Jul11,2024
Dallas, UP to begin negotiations on potential boundary changes

Dallas City Council committee members were skeptical of University Park’s application to annex Boone Elementary School and Northway Christian Church at their June meeting but voted to continue negotiations anyway.

Parents supporting the annexation said the decision would benefit Dallas High School, Northway Christian and Boone Elementary by improving student safety and allowing Boone to raise funds, and by relieving the city of Dallas of responsibility for street and other infrastructure needs.

But members of the Dallas City Council’s Quality of Life, Arts and Culture Committee questioned whether the move would be beneficial to their city. They raised concerns about the loss of future revenue from the property if it were to return to taxation, and asked whether Dallas and University Park could reach an agreement without changing the boundaries.

“I think it sets a bad precedent to give the land back to the city. I think it could have long-term consequences for the city in terms of potential future tax revenue,” said Councilman Paul Ridley, “and I just don’t like the idea that we’re giving up part of our property to a neighboring city that thinks it can operate it better than we can.”

Councilmember Gay Donnell Willis, who represents the church, school and surrounding homes in Dallas that are covered by HPISD, told the commission that the boundary adjustment would free Dallas taxpayers from infrastructure costs and the cities could reach an agreement on how to share future tax revenues.

“UP is very motivated,” she said, “so I think any revenue sharing would be really beneficial.”

The commission’s decision allows the Dallas city manager to begin negotiations on a boundary adjustment or other agreement with University Park. The issue will then go to the Dallas City Council or back to the commission.

University Park submitted its initial boundary adjustment request to absorb Boone Elementary in the summer of 2022. In June 2023, it resubmitted the request, which included Northway Christian Church. The potential boundary adjustment would also include the streets surrounding the church and school, and Airline Road south to the current Dallas city limits.

By meerna

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