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Dallas Mavericks sign young, crafty point guard to one-year deal

By meerna Jul11,2024
Dallas Mavericks sign young, crafty point guard to one-year deal

The pace of free agency in the NBA has slowed considerably over the past few days, with most of the high-profile free agents having already signed contracts with their new teams.

The Dallas Mavericks quickly acquired Klay Thompson in a sign-and-trade deal and signed him to a three-year contract, but aside from that move, the Mavericks have been relatively quiet.

There is still room on the roster as 14 players are under contract, and one of the three two-way spots is officially gone as the Mavericks took action on it on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Mavs PR, Dallas has signed Brandon Williams to a two-way contract for next season. Williams signed a two-way contract with the Mavs midway through last season and has proven to be a good asset for them as he has dominated the G League.

Williams averaged 24.1 points per game for the Texas Legends last season, and while he didn’t play much, he did get a chance to play for the Mavs.

Williams appeared in 17 games for Dallas and averaged 3.2 points and 1.0 assists per game. He won’t be part of the Mavs’ rotation anytime soon, but he’s a good young prospect to keep.

Williams is just 24 years old and has shown plenty of flashes in the G League that he can be a tough rebounder. He has tight handling and excellent speed, and he gets to the rim with ease. His finishing at the rim is underrated for a small point guard, and he has a solid mid-range jump shot.

While his 3-point shooting numbers aren’t great, Williams always has the confidence to release the ball when needed and makes tough shots. He’s not a long-range type, but he’ll become even more dynamic if his 3-point shooting becomes consistent, as it will open up his shots at the rim even more.

Dallas signing Williams to a two-way contract was a smart decision, especially considering the team’s need for depth at guard. Perhaps Williams will continue to develop and one day join the Mavs’ rotation.

Stay tuned for the latest on Brandon Williams and the Dallas Mavericks this offseason.

By meerna

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