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Columbus schools to close administrative buildings before classes begin

By meerna Jul11,2024
Columbus schools to close administrative buildings before classes begin

First, close the CCS administrative objects

I agree that Columbus City Schools has too many school buildings for its current student population.

The district recently eliminated the committee that was created to manage its facilities. The 2024 task force was given less time to complete this critical task than the 2018 task force.

This key decision requires more time than the February-June window allowed. More time would have easily shown that Siebert and Colerain should not be on the roster.

The district has too many administrative facilities, so they need to be closed and a detailed and clear plan needs to be presented before school buildings close.

CCS must consult with the community: Will Columbus children be served? School board must answer serious questions before closing.

In 2014, consultants suggested selling 270 State St. and two other older buildings that share the location, the Fifth and Sixth Street Annex buildings. The district still owns those buildings today.

The 2018 Task Force made solid recommendations regarding administrative closures. Unfortunately, none of these recommendations have been implemented.

The district bought 3700 South High St. without much thought or planning for what to do with the space. In 2019, the district hired a consultant to make recommendations on how to best use the land and has yet to implement his advice.

A good start to building trust is to demonstrate fiscal responsibility and close more government facilities.

Carolyn Smith, Former Director of Internal Audit and Internal Auditor, Columbus City Schools

By meerna

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