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Columbus’ Best Glazed Donuts Ranking

By meerna Jul11,2024
Columbus’ Best Glazed Donuts Ranking

Columbus Monthly staffers and a few friends sampled treats from 10 Central Ohio doughnut shops. Did your favorite qualify?

Despite what you might think, glazed donuts are not all the same. They can vary in size, shape, texture. Glazes can be sweet, gooey, thick, or clear. Some even have a hint of citrus. Columbus Monthly the band — along with a few friends from Columbus Dispatch and longtime contributor Nicholas Dekker (aka Breakfast with Nick) — we came to that conclusion when we set out to find the best glazed yeast doughnut in town — or, more precisely, on I-270. The sheer number of local doughnut shops made it impossible to conduct a full survey of Central Ohio. Instead, we focused our blind taste test on 10 locations in the outer belt, leaving open the possibility of exploring outlying shops along the way. Here are our top three picks, based on criteria like appearance, frosting, overall flavor, and originality.

First Place: Golden Donuts & Diner

1928 Lockbourne Road, South Side

Comments: The old-school shop was the surprise winner, beating out more established bakeries and eateries and earning praise for its originality and signature frosting. “If a doughnut can be pretty, this one is,” said one judge.

Second Place: Auddino’s Italian Bakery

1490 Clara Ave., University District

Comments: The beloved bakery located near the Ohio Expo Center resumed doughnut production earlier this year, much to the delight of judges, many of whom praised the lemon flavor of the glazed doughnuts.

Third place:Amy’s Donuts

650 Georgesville Road, Far West Side

Comments: The small chain with one location in Central Ohio received high marks for the appearance, taste, texture and “balance” of its doughnuts. One judge said, “They melt in your mouth… so good.”

Other participants:

  • Buckeye Donuts (campus)
  • Buckeye Donuts (south side)
  • Destination Donuts
  • DK Restaurant
  • Honey Sauce Donuts and Dinner
  • The original gadget shop
  • Rescha Bakery

This story is from the Best of Columbus package in the July 2024 issue. Columbus Monthly.

By meerna

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