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Charlotte Whitehead from BFC becomes Managing Director of EYC

By meerna Jul11,2024
Charlotte Whitehead from BFC becomes Managing Director of EYC

Former London Fashion Week queen and fashion industry advisor Charlotte Whitehead has joined EYC as Managing Director, VIP, Talent and Brand specialist, bringing with her almost 20 years of experience in fashion communications, sales and partnerships.

In this role, Whitehead will lead the company “into its next phase of growth and innovation.”

In her new role, EYC said she will be responsible for “overseeing the company’s strategic direction, driving operational efficiency and strengthening the company’s position in the industry.”

It added that her expertise “will be instrumental in achieving the company’s mission of delivering cutting-edge VIP and influencer campaign strategies across multiple industries with unparalleled service.”

Of her appointment, it was said: “Whitehead has built an impressive career in the fashion industry, demonstrating exceptional skills in strategic communications, sales leadership and building influential partnerships.

“With a proven track record of driving business success and creating dynamic team environments, Whitehead is poised to make a significant impact.”

EYC CEO Cora Delaney added, “Charlotte’s ability to drive structure and innovation will be invaluable as we continue to expand our market presence and deliver exceptional value to our clients and partners.”

She joined EYC after 10 years at the British Fashion Council, where she was responsible for planning the London Fashion Week schedule and the strategic vision for the BFC’s designer initiatives.

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