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CeeDee remains quiet; Dak says he’ll ‘be ready’

By meerna Jul11,2024
CeeDee remains quiet; Dak says he’ll ‘be ready’

ROUND ROCK, Texas — CeeDee Lamb made his first public appearance of the offseason Tuesday when he hosted the first of three summer youth camps at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex, which drew 600 kids who got to meet the Cowboys star and compete against other campers.

Lamb’s group—made up of family, friends, and volunteers—set up 15 stations for the kids to play at. At the end, Lamb played a practice match against them as the greatest quarterback in history.

Entering his fifth season, Lamb remains in contract negotiations with the Cowboys, waiting for an extension beyond the final year of his rookie contract. This comes just after Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson signed a four-year, $140 million deal last month, expediting talks between Lamb’s team and the Cowboys.

The negotiations ended with Lamb not reporting for offseason activities – neither voluntary nor mandatory – as the focus now turns to training camp, after which the team will travel to Oxnard, California, on July 23 to prepare for the season.

Lamb declined to be interviewed Tuesday about any topic, including camp itself, because he is still advised to avoid media contact due to contract negotiations.

Earlier in the day, Dak Prescott spoke at his own junior camp and said he and Lamb have been training away from the facility to stay aligned ahead of a pivotal 2024 campaign for both of their futures.

“I can’t necessarily count (how many passes), so it’s a lot,” Prescott said of how many he threw with Lamb. “CeeDee will be ready. He’s the kind of player, the kind of athlete, he makes my job easier. As long as he’s training, he’ll be fine.”

Prescott will embark on his annual road trip with quarterbacks and pass catchers this weekend, where he will look to develop on- and off-the-field bonds with the group before heading to training camp. When asked if Lamb would be there, the response was quick.

“That’s the plan,” Prescott said.

By meerna

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