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Businesses respond to North Carolina’s easing of alcohol sales restrictions

By meerna Jul11,2024
Businesses respond to North Carolina’s easing of alcohol sales restrictions

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A North Carolina company is sharing its thoughts on lifting alcohol restrictions in the state.

This comes after Governor Roy Cooper signed the ABC Omnibus Bill, which eases several regulations governing alcohol sales.

What you need to know

  • North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper just signed a bill easing many restrictions on alcohol sales.
  • One of the changes allows ABC stores in the state to open on some holidays.
  • North Carolina company says it has benefited from easing restrictions

The new rules allow for the sale of cocktails to go and allow ABC stores to remain open on New Year’s Day, July 4 and Labor Day.

A North Carolina business said it saw an increase in customers after the state eased restrictions on alcohol sales.

Robbie Delaney is the founder and owner of Muddy River Distillery.

The company has just moved into new headquarters in the historic Mount Holly Cotton Mill.

“We are the oldest rum distillery in the Carolinas,” Delaney said. “We started in 2011.”

Delaney says business is booming. He attributes the loosening of alcohol laws to the success of his business.

“When we started, I couldn’t sell my own product to our customers,” Delaney said. “It wasn’t until 2015 that we were able to sell them one bottle per person per year.”

“So North Carolina changed the law to allow us to sell our product directly, which opened up the face of our business,” he said. “In 2017, they changed it to five bottles. Right before COVID, they got rid of all the regulations. Suddenly, we could sell as many bottles of alcohol as we wanted.”

Although ABC stores may be open on some holidays, they must remain closed on Sundays.

“I think ultimately the state will allow ABC to do what they want to do in their stores, and that’s the way it should be,” Delaney said.

“In North Carolina, you used to not be able to buy a bottle of liquor on Sunday,” he said. “They passed a law that said distilleries could be open on Sundays, and ABC stores are still closed. So now we’re the only place in town if you need a bottle of liquor on Sunday.”

The new bill also allows ABC stores to sell gift cards, value-added products and kegs.

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