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Britt Moreno Leaves KXAN Austin

By meerna Jul11,2024
Britt Moreno Leaves KXAN Austin

Britt Moreno

Hello from San Marcos where I screened my documentary “Runaway Radio” last night on First Tuesday. By the way, you can watch the KLOL documentary on streaming or DVD.

I’ll be focusing less on Houston this week since many people there don’t have power or internet to read my blog anyway. When I get back today, I probably won’t have power either.

So I’m planning content for the rest of the week, since I may not be able to post anything when I get home. The storm even knocked out internet and cable TV in parts of Texas far from Houston!

This week’s biggest events are happening in Austin, where KXAN evening anchor Brit Moreno retired on Monday, July 8, 2024.

Here’s what Moreno posted on social media:

“Our precious baby girl will join our family in September and I am at a professional and personal crossroads.

Dreams are subject to change, and as I have learned over nearly two decades of working in live television, the “dream” evolves as you start a family and as that family grows.

My dream has been to write about my hometown, Austin, and honestly, I spent a lot of time wondering how I could do that and be a parent at the same time.

For now, I am stepping back from hosting the show full-time to be the mom I always wanted to be to our three children. I am excited to see my family more often, but I am sad to be leaving the newsroom.

“You know those people that you just connect with when you first meet them? That was the case for me when I met my co-host Britt Moreno, and it’s just been a privilege to be breaking news with her over the last few years,” co-host Daniel Marin added.

In May, Moreno announced she was expecting her third child, a girl.

She gave birth to Bexley in January 2023 and will return to KXAN in April.

Moreno took a leave of absence, which she later revealed was due to post-partum problems.

Moreno joined KXAN in 2021, coming from CBS 4 Denver KCNC.

Before moving to Denver, the six-time EMMY nominee and multiple EMMY winner was a weekend anchor and overnight reporter at FOX10 KSAZ in Phoenix, Arizona.

Born in Austin, she graduated with honors from St. Stephen’s High School and went on to earn a master’s degree in social communications and Spanish from Trinity University in San Antonio.

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