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Best Rated Jacksonville Plastic Surgeons for 2024 Research Report Released by Doctor Marketing, MD

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Best Rated Jacksonville Plastic Surgeons for 2024 Research Report Released by Doctor Marketing, MD

The Review Growth Index (RGI) by Doctor Marketing, MD recognizes the Top 10 Rated Plastic Surgery Practices in Jacksonville, Florida based on analysis of over 3,000+ online patient reviews given to 41 medical practices.

JACKSONVILLE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2024 / Jacksonville has some of the best plastic surgeons in the Southeast. The Review Growth Index (RGI) by Doctor Marketing, MD has identified which Jacksonville cosmetic practices made the list for the first quarter of 2024. After analyzing data from over 41 medical practices and 3,412 online Google Reviews, the Top 10 Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Jacksonville stand out for their patient satisfaction rating and number of online reviews. The Top 10 accounts for 2,481 Google Reviews and 72.71% percent of all plastic surgery reviews online for Jacksonville plastic surgeons. With an average of over 248.1 patient reviews per practice, these surgeons display surgical excellence that sets them apart from the rest. Jacksonville patients share their positive cosmetic experiences from the thousands of reviews. For those consumers who want top cosmetic enhancements in the Jacksonville metropolitan area, these 10 practices represent the best of the best for Jacksonville residents (Jacksonvilles) to choose from.

Jacksonville’s Top 10 Plastic Surgeonsthe best-rated in Jacksonville, Florida. There were twenty plastic surgeons from the Top 10 Plastic Surgery Practices in Jacksonville for Q1 of 2024. Data was compiled by the Review Growth Index (RGI) and is based on the number of Google Reviews received as of 11/30/23. Image Credit: Respective Jacksonville Plastic Surgeons. Illustration by: Doctor Marketing, MD.

“Our marketing agency has gathered comprehensive Google Review data from 41 plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery practices in Jacksonville, FL. The Top Rated Best Plastic Surgery Clinics in Jacksonville are made up of 20 of the best Jacksonville plastic surgeons that received a combined 3,412 patient reviews. Doctor Marketing, MD gives recognition to those Jacksonville area medical practices and doctors for their achievements in generating the highest number of patient reviews and ratings based on patient satisfaction and quality of care,” Marty Stewart, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Doctor Marketing, MD, said top marketing company that does plastic surgery marketing and marketing for plastic surgeonsand the Review Growth Index (RGI).

Top 10 Ranked Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Practices in Jacksonville, Florida

Here are the top ten:

Florida Plastic Surgery Group: 636 Reviews / 5 Rating

Dr. Ankit Desai
Dr. Michael Fallucco
Dr. Joseph Parks
Dr. Michael DeFazio
Dr. Jacob Rinkinen

Coastal Cosmetics Center: 369 Reviews / 4.8 Rating

Dr. Timothy Fee

First Coast Plastic Surgery: 367 Reviews / 4.8 Rating

Dr. David Csikai

Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery: 327 Reviews / 4.8 Rating

Dr. Phillip Garcia

Jacksonville Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center: 210 Reviews / 4.6 Rating

Dr. Michael Duffy

Contemporary Plastic Surgery: 145 Reviews / 4.8 Rating

Dr. Vaishali Doolabh

Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery: 122 Reviews / 4.9 Rating

Dr. Cayce Rumsey
Dr. Robert Burk
Dr. Erez Sternberg
Dr. Hollie Hickman
Dr. Christopher Bates
Dr. Ellen Hancock

Patrick L. Basile, MD Plastic Surgery & Wellness: 109 Reviews / 4.9 Rating

Dr. Patrick Basile

Dr. Clayman’s Plastic Surgery Center and Miracle Spa: 108 Reviews / 4.5 Rating

Dr. Mark Clayman

Obi Plastic Surgery, FL: 88 Reviews / 4 Rating

Dr. Lewis Obi

Review Growth Index (RGI) Best Plastic Surgeons in Jacksonville, Florida for Q1 of 2024

For the first quarter (Q1) of 2024, Google Review data was compiled through November 30th, 2023 to determine the top best rankings for Jacksonville, Florida (FL). Here is the in-depth data snapshot compiled by the Doctor Marketing, MD Review Growth Index (RGI):

  • 42 total plastic surgeons and cosmetic practices in Jacksonville, Florida were identified via Google My Business (GMB) profiles and Google Map listings for Jacksonville.

  • 41 plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery practices / clinics remained after removing duplicates. (Note: Some doctors have both a private practice under their own name, and are part of a larger medical group under a practice name, and were listed twice, thus removed)

  • 3,412 total online Google Reviews for all Jacksonville plastic surgeons as of 11/30/23.

  • 31 practices (73.8%) had at least 1 online review.

  • 11 practices (26.2%) had 0 online reviews.

  • Average rating across all practices was 4.67 stars.

  • 110.06 was the average number of reviews per practice.

Statistics Exclusively for the Top 10 Jacksonville Practices:

  • 2,481 total reviews for the Top 10 combined.

  • This was 72.71% of all reviews combined.

  • 248.1 was the average # of Google Reviews per practice in the Top 10.

  • Star Ratings ranged from 4 to 5 stars, with the average being 4.71 stars.

About The Review Growth Index (RGI)

The Review Growth Index (RGI) by Doctor Marketing, MD is an innovative metric designed specifically for the healthcare and medical industries, with current focus on the plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures sectors. It works by aggregating public data from major review platforms like Google Reviews to develop a comprehensive assessment of a doctor or surgeon’s online reputation and performance.

RGI analyzes the volume of patient reviews a surgeon receives, the star ratings given, and expressions of patient satisfaction. This provides prospective patients a reliable benchmark for choosing skilled, well-regarded doctors or surgeons with confidence.

It also serves plastic surgeons by analyzing patient feedback patterns, enabling refinements to medical services and clinical approaches. Overall, RGI functions as an industry-specific gauge of excellence based on actual patient outcomes and experiences. Its insights help match discerning clients with surgeons delivering exceptional care and results.

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