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Baltimore Orioles trade potential Pitch Nets ace for non-elite prospect

By meerna Jul11,2024
Baltimore Orioles trade potential Pitch Nets ace for non-elite prospect

The Baltimore Orioles pitching staff has been derailed by injuries, losing three starters to season-ending surgeries. With injuries on the field, the Orioles are expected to make moves to improve their rotation before the deadline.

Rumors suggest they are interested in Tarik Skubal, Garrett Crochet, and others. While they could acquire any of those players since they have the best farm system in baseball, Baltimore could also opt to improve their depth on the mound instead of going for a star.

If they can get mid-tier players instead of just top players, they might be able to get more than one, which could be a better option with all their injuries.

In the proposed trade of Ryan Finkelstein to Just Baseball, the team would acquire a talented pitcher without giving up a lot of talent.

The Finkelstein trade proposal would involve trading Jud Fabian and Juan Nunez for right-handed pitcher Chris Bassitt.

“In this proposed trade, the Orioles are sending top prospect Jud Fabian to the Blue Jays as the true leadoff man to complete the deal. Heading into the 2024 season, Fabian, who was the 14th overall prospect in the Orioles’ system, would likely be a top-10 prospect in most other systems.”

Making this trade wouldn’t change any of the top 10 prospects in the Orioles system. It allows them to either make other trades for those prospects or let them develop and use them when the time is right.

Baltimore doesn’t have a bad decision to make here. Either they go all out and move some of their top prospects or they make marginal moves that could still give them an edge and maintain the best pipeline in Major League Baseball.

However, it could be argued that the time has come to put everything on the line.

The Orioles have a clear chance to win the World Series, and unless something drastic happens in the next few weeks, there is no reason they shouldn’t play aggressively.

Having prospects is great, but until they get traded or make an impact in the major leagues, they will remain just prospects.

Since there are already so many young, talented players in the major leagues, it is difficult to find a place for them to play.

With this in mind, they shouldn’t have to worry about transporting them if they receive the right package.

By meerna

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