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Baltimore leaders set goal of reducing violence against women

By meerna Jul11,2024
Baltimore leaders set goal of reducing violence against women

BALTIMORE – Baltimore city officials are focusing on ways to reduce violence against women citywide.

The Baltimore City Council’s Health, Environment and Technology Committee held its fifth meeting to refine current strategies and help more women.

“The statistics on violence against women reflect a broader public health crisis,” said Baltimore City Councilwoman Danielle McCray, chairwoman of the subcommittee and representative of District 2.

The Baltimore City Council launched an initiative to reduce violence against women in 2020, when 49 women and girls were killed, the highest number of deaths in a single year in the city’s history.

Although the number of violent crimes against women is decreasing, there is an increase in the number of women falling victim to robberies and car thefts.

A new approach

Baltimore City Police say they are working on a new approach to supporting victims.

The agency is also expanding its special victims unit to include a violent crimes against women unit. It also says it is increasing community policing.

“We recognize that everyone can count on an appropriate level of triage and personalized service,” said Baltimore Deputy Commissioner Kevin Jones.

These activities focus on prevention, intervention and victim support services.

Educational programs for teenagers

The health department said it plans to focus on educational programmes for teenagers to help young people develop key skills such as conflict resolution, bystander intervention, recognising emotions and communicating with others.

“The good thing about the evidence-based program that we’re implementing is that it’s designed to address both victimization and perpetration,” said Aisha Burgess, director of the Office of Youth and Trauma Services. “We’re working with the people who are actually committing these acts and developing strategies for managing conflict.”

Disproportionate impact on black victims

Black women in underserved communities are disproportionately impacted by victims. Several agencies agreed that they need to develop tailored approaches for these women.

McCray remains hopeful.

“Things are changing; the numbers are dramatically lower than they were before. I’m very optimistic that our agencies will work together to continue to bring those numbers down,” McCray said.

City officials say it is necessary to redouble preventive efforts across the city and take action on the ground to halt these trends.

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