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Alex Cora mocks former Red Sox stars while praising Jarren Duran’s toughness

By meerna Jul11,2024
Alex Cora mocks former Red Sox stars while praising Jarren Duran’s toughness

Boston Red Sox coach Alex Cora walks before a baseball game against the Chicago Cubs, Saturday, April 27, 2024, in Boston. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Alex Cora isn’t afraid to give his best players a day off if he thinks it will freshen them up. He did it for Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts when they were with the Red Sox, and whenever he did, he said he tried to take care of them.

But this season, he’s taken a different approach with Jarren Duran, who’s started each of Boston’s first 91 games this season. Asked what makes the dynamic opener stand out, Cora playfully poked fun at his former stars.

“Because he’s tougher than those other guys,” Cora said with a laugh.

Cora explained that Duran has proven he can handle a lot of physical stress and has become an indispensable piece alongside Rafael Devers. Simply put, the Red Sox need him in the lineup, and Cora feels comfortable writing his name every day.

“We just felt he could handle it,” Cora said. “He accepted the challenge, we’ll keep putting him out there. He’s one of our best players.”

Duran kept his end of the bargain, earning his first career All-Star honors after finishing among the American League’s all-time leading scorers in the first half. He currently ranks among the league leaders in hits (107), doubles (25), triples (10), extra-base hits (45), stolen bases (22) and runs scored (60), and is considered one of the league’s best defensive fielders and baserunners.

As for Betts and Bogaerts, Cora praised their resilience in a separate response to Devers, who also continued to play and produce despite battling a shoulder injury that has dragged on since the beginning of the season. Despite giving them days off at times, both continued to post every day they could, setting an example that Boston’s best players have followed to this day.

“Obviously, he’s been coached over the years on how to do it,” Cora said. “Xander plays in different situations, Mookie plays in different situations, JT plays in different situations last year.”

By meerna

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