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3 Dead Dogs Found in Abandoned U-Haul Van in Mattapan – NBC Boston

By meerna Jul11,2024
3 Dead Dogs Found in Abandoned U-Haul Van in Mattapan – NBC Boston

Boston police said Wednesday that three dead dogs were found in an abandoned U-Haul van in Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood Tuesday night and they asked for help figuring out what happened.

A person called 911 to report dogs in a van parked on Edgewater Drive near Topalian Street just before 9 p.m., according to a police report. The caller said the van had been abandoned in the area for some time and was emitting a foul odor.

According to the report, officers who arrived at the scene and opened the van confirmed a foul odor and found insects flying inside. They saw a dead dog in a cage — and eventually the bloated bodies of three dogs, two females and one male, were removed from the vehicle.

Witnesses told investigators the dogs had been alive for several previous days, including July 4, when barking was heard coming from the vehicle and fireworks were going off in the area. The witness also said he saw two people with cleaning supplies by the van Monday morning, and officers noticed a bottle of bleach on the sidewalk nearby, according to the report.

The U-Haul containing the bag of dog food was not reported stolen, but officers were unable to determine where the van was rented from, the report said. Witnesses also said they saw the van driving around the area.

The report did not provide a probable cause of death for the dogs, although temperatures in Boston reached 32°C earlier this week.

Anyone with information about the dogs’ deaths is asked to call detectives at 617-343-5607 or to contact Boston Police anonymously by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting “TIP” to 27463 (which stands for CRIME).

By meerna

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