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250 Authentic Titanic Artifacts Are Heading to Boston

By meerna Jul11,2024
250 Authentic Titanic Artifacts Are Heading to Boston

Titanic is one of the most popular stories in history, and as most of us probably know, the film went on to become one of the most popular films of all time.

While the story is widely known and the disaster is one of the worst in history, there are very few things people can do to truly experience the Titanic.

The wreck of the RMS Titanic lies approximately 12,500 feet down, 370 nautical miles off the coast of Newfoundland. The wreck consists of two main sections.

Of course, going down to the wreck is not something that can be done easily. In fact, one of the last tourist trips to the wreck ended in disaster and the implosion of the submarine.

Many people would like to find a way to relive the story of the Titanic. Maybe there is a way to do it.

As shared Mass liveNearly 250 authentic artifacts from the Titanic will be displayed in downtown Boston. Saunders Castle in Park Plaza will house the artifacts.

More than 35 million people around the world have viewed the artifacts. The exhibit was produced by RMS Titanic, Inc. It is the only company legally allowed to recover official artifacts from the Titanic.

To date, more than 5,500 artifacts have been recovered from the Titanic since 1987.

Not only will you be able to see incredible artifacts, but guests will also be able to enjoy an incredible experience. Guests will be given a replica boarding pass and will role-play as passengers, following the tragic voyage of the Titanic.

If you are interested in attending the event, tickets can be found on the exhibition website. Prices start at $39.50.

By meerna

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