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NFL executives show Madubuike some love

By meerna Jul10,2024
NFL executives show Madubuike some love

In a quieter week of Ravens news, I thought Iโ€™d start todayโ€™s Out to Lunch with a fun hypothesis from Jonas Shaffer and Paul Mancano of The Banner: If the Ravens roster were split into two teams, what would be the best possible construction?

I think the team with Lamar Jackson, Derrick Henry, and Roquan Smith will win.

However, that may not be the case for NFL legend Luke Kuechly, as in his eyes, Cam Newton was a better quarterback than Jackson was in the prime of his career:

Zay Flowers may have to talk to his former BC Eagle teammate to change Kuechly’s mind.

In a media appearance Tuesday, Joy Taylor once again sided with Jackson in yet another debate about his level:

I think people are getting smarter about how they evaluate the impact of a dual-threat quarterback, but itโ€™s a lot easier to change the criteria when thereโ€™s uncertainty about what โ€œeliteโ€ looks like for those players.

In 2015, you could argue that Newton would become the greatest player in NFL history. As defenses adjusted (and injuries plagued him), he never looked the same. Jackson, who had some breakout seasons of his own, adjusted as defenses adjusted to him.

The 2023 season was one in which Jackson improved in areas his opponents werenโ€™t ready for, and the results showed it:

Jackson has once again begun silencing his haters by air, and while he will continue to gain them, the more he experiences, the harder it is for him to argue with that success.

But for others, regular-season success really doesn’t matter. I see the argument last week that this year should be the Super Bowl or a bust. The problem is the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the last five years, KC is 6-0 in the playoffs against the top three teams in the NFL:

Baltimore should be a contender for the Super Bowl, but when you’re facing one of the most consistently elite teams in NFL history, nothing is certain.

Of course, the Super Bowl isnโ€™t won solely at QB. And with the NFL GMs rankings coming out Tuesday, itโ€™s a great time to discover which players are most likely to help Jackson win his first Lombardi Trophy this season.

The first guy Justin Madubuike will embrace is a fresh huge to deal with Baltimore:

Madubuike had a breakout season last year and will be the anchor of Baltimore’s defensive line this year. Defensively, the Ravens’ prowess could be even more impressive:

And yet there is still a need for a third safety. Could the Ravens bring in another guy from BC, Justin Simmons?

That would be an interesting addition to the lineup, for sure. What do you think, Flock?

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