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Detroit Flood Warning Through Wednesday Evening – Planet Detroit

By meerna Jul10,2024
Detroit Flood Warning Through Wednesday Evening – Planet Detroit

The National Weather Service on Wednesday issued a flood warning for the greater Metro Detroit area.

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  • The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for Detroit and surrounding counties through Wednesday evening. The remnants of Hurricane Beryl could bring up to 4 inches of rain to some areas.
  • The Great Lakes Water Authority and FEMA have advised residents in low-lying areas to prepare for potential flooding, including removing valuables from basements and avoiding areas where electrical outlets and wires may be underwater.
  • Hurricane Beryl, a Category 5 storm, caused power outages and severe damage in Texas and the Caribbean, indicating an increased likelihood of extreme storms due to climate change.

The National Weather Service issued a flood warning for Detroit through Wednesday evening as the remnants of Hurricane Beryl brought heavy rains.

Parts of southeast Michigan could see up to 4 inches of rain, with the heaviest rainfall expected along the M-59 and I-69 corridors.

The Flood Watch covers Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw and St. counties. A Flood Watch is issued when conditions favor flooding; it does not mean that flooding is imminent.

Dowagiac already saw street flooding in southwest Michigan after 3.3 inches of rain fell, while road flooding also occurred in parts of Macomb Township and East Lansing.

The Great Lakes Water Authority issued a warning Tuesday for people who may be vulnerable to flooding, saying the system was operating as designed but that forecasted rainfall could exceed the regional system’s capacity and cause flooding.

“GLWA asks residents in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding during heavy rains to remain vigilant and remove valuables from their basements as a precaution. It would also be helpful if residents did not run their washing machines and dishwashers during heavy rains,” David Mehram, GLWA’s operations director for wastewater operations services, said in a statement.

Consumers Energy has a website with safety tips for households that may be flooded. These include avoiding electrical appliances and devices while in the water and avoiding areas where electrical outlets and wiring may be underwater.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued severe weather warnings for the Midwest, advising residents to follow local news and weather forecasts.

“Flooding not only can cause costly damage, but it can also be life-threatening. Being prepared can save lives and give you peace of mind,” said Tom Sivak, FEMA Region 5 Regional Administrator, in a news release.

Residents should charge mobile devices, stay away from downed power lines and trees, and avoid walking, swimming or driving through floodwaters, the agency said.

The NWS Detroit office forecast shows wind gusts Wednesday could reach 24 mph. Rain is expected to taper off early Thursday morning.

Hurricane Beryl left 2 million people without power in Texas after causing widespread destruction in the Caribbean as a Category 5 storm, killing 11 people. Scientists say extremely high ocean temperatures due to climate change caused the storm to heat up, creating one of the earliest Category 5 storms on record.

“I don’t think anyone expected something this extraordinary to happen, it exceeded expectations,” Brian McNoldy, a climate scientist at the University of Miami, told The Guardian. “In an ocean that is affected by climate change, extreme storms are more likely to occur.”

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