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Campus Reform is the #1 Source for College News

By meerna Jul10,2024
Campus Reform is the #1 Source for College News

The University of Texas at Austin will offer probation to some students arrested in late April during an anti-Israel protest on campus.

According to KUT, UT Austin officials sent letters to students detailing alleged violations of university rules, including failure to follow directives and disrupting classes during an anti-Israel protest.

The outlet received four letters sent to students. Three of them offer a “deferred suspension,” which is similar to probation.

If students agree to waive their suspension, disciplinary action will not appear on their official transcripts unless they repeat their violation of University policy.

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Students who accept a deferred suspension will also be required to take a test to demonstrate their understanding of the campus speech and assembly policy and achieve a score of 90%.

According to the report, students who accept a deferred suspension will also have to submit a written statement that they will be suspended if they violate other university policies.

Not all students will receive a deferred suspension.

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The fourth letter, obtained by the institution, states that the student will be suspended after being charged with criminal damage to property. He will be suspended for two years and will be eligible to reapply to the university after the two-year suspension.

More than 130 people were arrested during the protests on April 24 and 29.

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