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Analyst names enigmatic ‘player to watch’ for Seattle Seahawks in 2025 draft

By meerna Jul10,2024
Analyst names enigmatic ‘player to watch’ for Seattle Seahawks in 2025 draft

The Seattle Seahawks are currently focused on the upcoming season, but it’s safe to assume their scouting department, like any other team, has done more than enough homework on next year’s draft.

Despite what some may think, the draft is a year-long process in the NFL. If anything, the upcoming college season will be a final audition of sorts for potential candidates.

With that in mind, Pro Football Focus’ Trevor Sikkema named one offensive player from each team to watch this season. In Seattle’s case, that player was none other than Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders, who ironically was recently compared to Seahawks starter Geno Smith.

“Geno Smith is in the final year of his contract with guaranteed money, so there’s a world out there where the Seahawks are looking for a young quarterback to invest in next offseason,” Sikkema writes.

“Prognosis for Sanders varies. Some have him as a top-10 pick, while others see him as a third-rounder. His play under pressure is impressive, but his talent on the offensive end could lead to inconsistent success in the NFL. Hopefully, a better offensive line in front of him will paint a brighter picture in 2024.”

Sanders, the son of legendary NFL quarterback and Colorado coach Deion Sanders, put up impressive stats last season, completing 69.3 percent of his passes for 3,230 yards, throwing 27 touchdowns and throwing two interceptions.

On the other hand, Shedeur has had some major flaws in his game. The biggest one was his 52 sacks last season, which tied him for first in the country. Sure, some of those sacks were caused by the awful offensive line in front of him, but others were caused by him holding the ball way too long.

Plus, Shedeur is definitely his father’s son, for better or worse. While he’s athletically gifted, he also has an attitude that’s gotten him into trouble on multiple occasions. In fact, former NFL quarterback Shaun King recently questioned Shedeur’s work ethic after a falling out with Miami quarterback Cam Ward.

There’s also the fact that the Seahawks recently traded for Sam Howell, who could easily become Smith’s replacement if they were to trade the veteran after the season. Sanders may have a higher ceiling than Howell, but his floor is also much lower, and the headaches he could cause on the roster just don’t seem worth it.

By meerna

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