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You can get into the Dallas Zoo for $1 for two days this summer, but is it worth the trip?

By meerna Jun25,2024
You can get into the Dallas Zoo for  for two days this summer, but is it worth the trip?

For once something in Dallas is cheaper than in Fort Worth.

The Dallas Zoo is bringing back its $1 admission days on July 18 and August 6. Typically, admission to the Dallas Zoo on weekdays can cost up to $22, which doesn’t even include the $12 parking fee.

By comparison, general admission to the Fort Worth Zoo for adults costs an average of $19 and the parking fee is $5. The zoo also offers half-price Wednesdays, where adults can enter for $10 and children for $8.

“Dollar Days is our way to give back, make the zoo accessible to all, and thank our incredible community that supports us year-round,” the Dallas Zoo said in a statement on its website.

Between the two cities, Dallas may have cheaper tickets (if we don’t count parking), but is it worth going further?

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Dallas Zoo vs. Fort Worth Zoo

According to posters on Reddit’s r/FortWorth subreddit, the Fort Worth Zoo is better than the Dallas Zoo.

“The animals go to jail at the Dallas Zoo,” noted a Reddit user who lives in Dallas but travels to Fort Worth for the zoo. Many other users expressed their support for the Fort Worth Zoo in several other Reddit threads:

For those who haven’t been to either, here’s a summary of both zoological parks:

Dallas Zoo:

  • 106 acres

  • 2000 animals

  • 406 species

  • 35 minutes from downtown Fort Worth

  • The largest and oldest zoo in Texas, circa 1888

Fort Worth Zoo:

  • 64 acres

  • 540 species

  • Museum of Living Art (MOLA), a world-famous reptile exhibition

  • 10 minutes from downtown Fort Worth

  • In 2020, it was recognized by USA Today as the No. 1 zoo in the country

Details on $1 admission to the Dallas Zoo

During the summer, Dallas hosts $1 admission days. For a small fee, anyone over 3 years of age can enter the park. Tickets sell out quickly, but there are still places available on both days.

If you’re worried about parking being full on these days, the DART Redline will take you from Fort Worth to the Dallas Zoo Station for $12, the same price as parking.

The zoo is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. When purchasing tickets, please reserve an hour. We suggest purchasing tickets in advance and, if necessary, a parking card.

The Dallas Zoo is located at 650 SRL Thornton Fwy in Dallas.

By meerna

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