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Under Dan Quinn, the Bill Walsh Scholarship takes on special significance in Washington

By meerna Jun25,2024
Under Dan Quinn, the Bill Walsh Scholarship takes on special significance in Washington

Only 15 candidates were invited to a telephone interview, and about 5-7 were invited to a Zoom interview. Those selected were asked to make a presentation with the potential position coach.

“It’s not just a name from a friend,” Quinn explained. “We screen them, we interview them… I’m proud of the work we put in.”

The result of this work was the selection of 10 trainers who will carry out the internship in two groups. The first group spent time with the team during the OTA portion and during the mandatory minicamp. The second one will come during training camp. Once fellows are selected, the thoroughness of Quinn’s scholarship certainly does not end there.

“Not only do they hear and observe, but they also teach. So they have to do projects for us, break down the film and present it to the whole group,” Quinn said. “One evening, probably 30 people had to give individual presentations… I just said, ‘Here’s the topic, teach us.’”

Experiential learning opportunities, immersion in NFL routines and more equip scholarship players with many hard and soft skills that help elevate their development.

“I learned better leadership skills, how to motivate players to do their best, as well as new coaching techniques and better training methods,” said Anthony Davis, who worked with defensive backs in the offseason.

Just as impactful as the lessons learned in the film room and on the field is the strength of an environment in which so many people prioritize the mission of this community. It is inspiring to be among so many people who 1. are a testament to the success of the Bill Walsh Fellowship and 2. passionately believe in the importance of diversifying the NFL coaching staff.

“I think it gives us some hope,” Johnson said. “It really proves that hard work pays off. Not when you want it to, but it will pay off in the end if you just stay the course, go through the process, build relationships, just keep your head down, keep working and grinding.”

By meerna

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