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Popular Detroit Lions beat writer is resigning

By meerna Jun25,2024
Popular Detroit Lions beat writer is resigning

In 2024, the Detroit Lions will have a new team writer.

After the Detroit News published a job advertisement for the defending NFC North champions, Justin Rogers took to social media to share an update on his position with the local newspaper.

“Well, everything’s fine. I stepped down from my position a few weeks ago to take on a new challenge,” Rogers wrote. “I will remain in “Wiadomości” until the middle of next month and then I will inform you about what awaits me next. Thank you all”.

A respected journalist, Rogers became one of the team’s top writers thanks to his deep knowledge of the sport and his respectful treatment of professional athletes.

According to an article intended to help readers get to know the people who worked at the paper: “Growing up, I read (Tom) Kowalski at the Oakland Press. The newspaper was running a contest in which people called in and reported their NFL picks, trying their best to beat the writer. Since I was ineligible for the competition at age 9, I called and entered under my mother’s name. Defeating Tom and winning a prize package containing Kowalski’s sausage was one of my greatest childhood triumphs and something I made sure he knew and remembered as long as we worked together.

Rogers has covered the Lions for the News since 2016. He previously worked at MLive, where his first sports assignment was covering Michigan State basketball and football.

By meerna

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