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Penny Hardaway says mother’s cancer ‘in complete remission’

By meerna Jun25,2024
Penny Hardaway says mother’s cancer ‘in complete remission’

Memphis basketball coach Penny Hardaway shared encouraging news Monday regarding his mother Fae Hardaway’s health.

“God we give you all the praise. I thank you for your favor for my mother. The cancer is in complete remission,” he posted on Instagram with a photo of Fae smiling and ringing a bell.

Hardaway has been open the last few months about his mother’s issues. In March, he revealed publicly that she was in the hospital with throat cancer and that he has been her primary caretaker. He has also said in subsequent interviews since that she has also battled COVID-19, pneumonia, congestive heart failure and more.

Last week, during an appearance on The Voice of MSCS’ “TaylorMade Sports,” Hardaway revealed his mother had a stroke on the day of one of the Tigers’ games last season.

“It was difficult, because I came home from a shootaround, saw my mom laying on the floor, mouth twisted, knew she had a stroke,” he said. “Had to call my cousin to rush her to the hospital while I went back to the game and I went to the hospital after the game. So what the media was saying wasn’t bothering me. I spent from November to March at the hospital . I never ever used it as an excuse. I never said, ‘My mom’s sick, I’m messed up.’ Because I still have a job.”

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