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Dallas Cowboys lineup: Building an all-time offense for the franchise

By meerna Jun25,2024
Dallas Cowboys lineup: Building an all-time offense for the franchise

We decided to create an all-time team for the Dallas Cowboys this offseason. With such great history and so many amazing players that have come through the organization, this exercise was both fun and challenging.

This was written for entertainment purposes only. This is entirely based on opinion and as such may not have a direct correlation to how you would personally handle each position in making the Cowboys’ all-time team. But that’s what makes these types of exercises all the more interesting and fun. Today we will determine the offense of the entire team.

For the purposes of this exercise, we will put the Cowboys in the all-time offensive team and 11 personnel (1 QB, 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 OT, 2 OG, 1 OC). For this reason, we must mention that FB Daryl “Moose” Johnston did not make the squad, but he is certainly an all-time Cowboys fullback. We’ve also made a few tweaks along the way to accommodate players who may be in awkward positions. Who do you think will be in the final 11?

QB – Roger Staubach (1969-1979)

After serving time in the Vietnam War, Roger Staubach finally joined the Cowboys as a 27-year-old rookie. He won two Super Bowl victories for his organization and led them to a total of four in his 10-year career. His stats may not be on par with some of the more modern Cowboys QBs, but his Hall of Fame career speaks for itself. He is Dallas’ all-time greatest QB and the one everyone else will forever be compared to.

RB – Emmitt Smith (1990-2002)

There may never be another RB as durable – he only missed six games – and as productive as Emmitt Smith was during his 12-year career with the Cowboys. During his time with the organization, he was an eight-time Pro Bowl player, a four-time All-Pro and continues to be the NFL’s leading rusher. It’s hard to imagine the Cowboys will ever have a RB capable of accomplishing what No. 22 did in his Hall of Fame career in Dallas.

WR (X) – Michael Irvin (1988-1999)

Michael Irvin was arguably the best WR to don a Cowboys jersey and wear No. 88 in the history of the organization. During his 11-year Hall of Fame career with the Cowboys, he made the Pro Bowl five straight years (1991-1995) and was named to the All-Pro team (1991). Without him, the Cowboys likely wouldn’t have won three Super Bowls in the 1990s.

WR (Z) – Bob Hayes (1965-1974)

Bob “Bullet” Hayes would be a perfect addition opposite Irvin on the outside. With world-class speed, he was a serious threat, winning a gold medal in the 100 m and 4 x 100 m at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. During his 11-year Hall of Fame career with the Dallas Cowboys, he averaged 20 yards per reception, made the Pro Bowl three straight times (1965, 1966, 1967) and was named to the All-Pro team twice (1966, 1968).

WR (slot) – CeeDee Lamb (2020-present)

The Cowboys were right to give CeeDee Lamb the No. 88 jersey. Not only does he live up to the legacy of said jersey, but he has solidified himself as one of the best WRs to ever play for the organization. Already during his young, four-year career in Dallas, he was selected to the Pro Bowl three times and was a first-team All-Pro in 2023. Can you imagine an air attack with him in the slot and Michael Irvin/Bob Hayes on the field? outside?

TE – Jason Witten (2003–2017, 2019)

Calling Jason Witten the greatest Cowboys player of all time is a no-brainer. Not only is he the best player to ever play the TE position in Dallas, but he’s also one of the best in league history to play the position. The future Hall of Famer was an 11-time Pro Bowl player and a two-time All-Pro. Like Emmitt Smith, his durability and production may never match what he meant to the organization both on and off the field.

LT – Tyron Smith (2011–2023)

You could probably flip Tyron Smith and Rayfield Wright and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. With them, the Cowboys’ all-time offensive tackles would be blocked from the get-go. Smith is a future Hall of Famer himself, as well as an eight-time Pro Bowl and two-time All-Pro. The Smith/Wright OT duo would be absolutely dominant.

LG-Larry Allen (1994-2005)

The late, great Larry Allen is undoubtedly the best offensive lineman the Cowboys have ever had the honor of seeing in the organization. You can literally plug him in and play probably any OL position and he will still be absolutely dominant. During his Hall of Fame career, he was a 10-time Pro Bowl player and a six-time All-Pro player. He is arguably the best and most versatile OL to ever play the game in NFL history.

C – Travis Frederick (2013-2019)

Travis Frederick’s career with the Cowboys was unfortunately cut short due to an unexpected autoimmune disease. However, over the course of his six-year career with the organization, he established himself as the best center they have ever had. He was a five-time Pro Bowl player and a one-time first-team All-Pro. Some may argue that Mark Stepnoski was the better OC of the Cowboys, and an argument can certainly be made that this is also true.

RG – Zack Martin (2014-present)

Zack Martin is probably a reliable first-ballot Hall of Famer when he finally decides to call it quits. He is one of the best players, regardless of position, to ever play for the Dallas Cowboys. The seven-time First-Team All-Pro and nine-time Pro Bowl player lasted a nearly 10-year career with the Cowboys and would have formed a formidable OG duo with the late, great Larry Allen on Dallas’ team… a run-time team.

RT – Rayfield Wright (1967-1979)

Rayfield Wright started 114 of 166 games with the Cowboys during his 12-year Hall of Fame career with the organization. He was a six-time Pro Bowl and three-time All-Pro and was a fixture in the Cowboys’ offense in the 1970s, helping lead them to the Super Bowl five times.

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