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CMPD will not be searching the landfill for Andrew Tench

By meerna Jun25,2024
CMPD will not be searching the landfill for Andrew Tench

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police will not search Andrew Tench’s body dump.

The family believes the 31-year-old’s remains may be located at this landfill he created a petition for CMPD to search him.

Police said they consulted experts about the landfill and concluded there was “insufficient evidence to justify excavation.”

Court records show that 26-year-old D’Shaun Robinson admitted to dumping Tench’s body in a dumpster outside a Charlotte hotel. Robinson appeared in court in early April, but since then the family has not received any updates on the progress of finding Tench’s remains.

“We really don’t have answers,” said Tench’s sister, Tasha Newman. “Andy is not trash. He was a human being, just like anyone else. This search would bring a lot to our family. Just knowing that they made the effort to go there and search would mean a lot. And if he’s not there, we continue the search. However, this effort must be made.”

At this time, because Tench’s body has not been found, CMPD continues to treat this case as an active missing persons case.

“I understand the weight of grief, anxiety and heartache that a mother or any parent would experience when their child goes missing and remains unaccounted for. You want answers. I understand that because I’m a mother myself,” said CMPD Deputy Chief Tonya Arrington. “We will continue our efforts to bring resolution and closure to Andrew’s mother, his family and this investigation.”

By meerna

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