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Baltimore Orioles’ possible fix revealed for ‘most desperate’ trade deadline need

By meerna Jun25,2024
Baltimore Orioles’ possible fix revealed for ‘most desperate’ trade deadline need

The Baltimore Orioles are expected to be a very active team ahead of next month’s MLB trade deadline.

While they are already a legitimate World Series contender, there are a few needs that need to be addressed. Most importantly, the Orioles need to add a piece to their bullpen.

Bleacher Report wrote an article about each of MLB’s top teams’ most “desperate” trade deadline needs, and also offered a potential option to fill them. When it came to the Orioles, the need was relief pitching.

To solve this problem, they suggested a huge move for Baltimore. Oakland Athletics closer Mason Miller was an urgent target.

“From a pitching perspective, the hard-throwing Miller is the most dominant hurler in MLB right now. And while his control of the club through 2029 gives the A’s the freedom to demand a fortune for him, the Orioles could afford to do so. have the best farm system in the league.”

Not only would Miller be the solution this season, but he would also have control over the team as mentioned above. That would make a trade for the 25-year-old, who throws a strong shot, even more interesting.

Not only could he help the team compete for the World Series this season, but he would also fit into the club’s long-term schedule.

So far this season in 28 games played, Miller has an ERA of 2.08, a WHIP of 0.81 and 14 saves. He lost only two interventions.

Those are numbers that would bolster the Orioles’ late-game needs.

Craig Kimbrel wasn’t terrible, but consistency was an issue. He also had a bad record in the playoffs. Having Miller would allow Baltimore to deliver a late-game death blow to Kimbrel and Miller.

Trading wouldn’t be a cheap job for Miller. Fortunately, as stated in the above article excerpt, the Orioles have plenty of young talent and could make something happen if the Athletics were open to signing their young pitcher.

With all this in mind, it will be intriguing to see what direction the Baltimore office decides to take in the coming month. A big deal wouldn’t be surprising, but they could opt for smaller moves.

Miller would be an ideal candidate, but there is no guarantee he will be available and other teams will also be very interested. This is certainly a name to keep an eye on for the Orioles.

By meerna

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