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A porch pirate steals, the police portal fails, and a Columbus resident has difficulty reporting the theft

By meerna Jun25,2024
A porch pirate steals, the police portal fails, and a Columbus resident has difficulty reporting the theft

A Canal Winchester resident says he’s having trouble filing a crime report online with Columbus police, nearly two weeks after a suspected porch pirate stole a package on the steps of his home.

“It’s very disrespectful,” Simba Maswela said of the accused thief, caught on surveillance camera on June 12, stealing clothes ordered for his daughter. “Why would you come to my door and pick up a package that isn’t yours?”

The day after the theft, Maswela filed a report with Columbus police but was unable to file it.

“The message that was coming out was an error,” Maswela said. “Then I would do it on my mobile phone and it would say ‘page unavailable.’

Maswela isn’t the only person having trouble connecting with Columbus police online. For the past three weeks, users visiting the CPD website looking for a reporting portal that posts unofficial crime reports have been redirected to a page with an on-screen error message stating that the server is unavailable.

On May 30, the Columbus Police Department’s website notified anyone who tried to obtain an official crime report online. The portal has been temporarily disabled as CPD works to resolve internal issues.

“It should be easy for us to make sure we are communicating with the police in the right way,” Maswela said.

ABC 6 has reached out to Columbus Police and we are now waiting to find out what the internal issues are when the portal is back up and running. and whether Masweli’s affairs are related to internal problems.

Our crews caught up with Maswela on Monday morning. He managed to go online and complete an incident report, but was unable to confirm whether the information had been passed on to police.

“That doesn’t mean there’s a report number,” he said. “I don’t have a confirmation number. It doesn’t tell me if a report has been filed.”

You can report the matter by phone to the Columbus Police Department at 614-645 4545

Maswela plans to file a report in person at the Columbus Police Department, providing investigators with the surveillance video, which he hopes will help get rid of the suspected porch pirate.

“I want the perpetrator arrested,” he said. “I want this perpetrator to face the consequences of receiving and stealing parcels.”

By meerna

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