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What we learned from FC Dallas’ victory over St. Louis CITY SC

By meerna Jun18,2024
What we learned from FC Dallas’ victory over St.  Louis CITY SC

Photo via Mike Brooks

Sometimes winning is enough.

Yes, in sports, winning is the cure for everything. Once you have that, the holes and problems fade into the background so quickly that they are not even visible to most people. But without victory, these wholes can become enormous. Over the past few months, the holes that FC Dallas has been trying to cover up have been quite noticeable, but Saturday’s victory over St. Louis has certainly helped us forget about some of the problems the club has faced this season.

However, not everything was pretty. FC Dallas still has a long way to go this season to qualify for the playoffs. Newly appointed interim head coach Peter Luccin has shown us that the club can move in the right direction, even if it’s just a small step in that direction.

Let’s jump ahead to Saturday’s game so we can quickly prepare for Wednesday’s rematch with Minnesota United.

I know that many of us, including me, were counting on a complete change of formation under Luccin’s supervision. However, when the squad sheet was revealed before kick-off, we were all treated to the same 3-4-3 formation we saw under Nico Estevez.

By meerna

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