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Two elephants from the Columbus Zoo said goodbye

By meerna Jun18,2024
Two elephants from the Columbus Zoo said goodbye

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two elephants from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will go somewhere else.

The zoo said Connie, who has been at the zoo for 30 years, will be transferred along with her companion Hank to another zoo following the recommendation of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The decision was made to continue contributing to efforts to maintain the genetic diversity of elephants in North American zoos through the Asian Elephant Species Survival Plan, the zoo said.

Initially, the recommendation was for Hank, but since Connie had developed a bond with him, the zoo felt it was necessary for them to live together.

“Connie has been with us longer than any other elephant currently in our care and she will be greatly missed,” Adam Felts, senior curator of Animal Care and director of animal welfare, said in a press release. “However, we know this move is in the best interests of Connie and Hank, and we celebrate them both so that our care team, volunteers and all who love them can join us in this event.”

Connie came to the Columbus Zoo from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 1992. Hank, who was born at Bush Gardens in Tampa in 1988, came to the Columbus Zoo in 2011.

“This move plays an important role in the conservation effort for Asian elephants, but it is also important for Connie and Hank to stay together because of their deep bond,” Felts said. “While it will be difficult for us and our zoo community that has come to love them over the years to say goodbye, what is most important to Connie and Hank is the dynamic between these two elephants.”

More movements will take place in the zoo system. The Columbus Zoo expects to welcome breeding bulls soon based on a different recommendation. Additionally, Columbus Zoo’s male elephant Sabu will return to the Cincinanti Zoo and Botanical Garden. Sabu arrived at the Columbus Zoo in 2022 on a temporary basis while the Cincinnati Zoo was building the Elephant Trek habitat.

By meerna

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