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The Baltimore Ravens could trade a QB with the Cowboys

By meerna Jun18,2024
The Baltimore Ravens could trade a QB with the Cowboys

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, finishing his second MVP season, may be the most important player in ensuring his team’s success throughout the NFL.

This seems incredibly obvious considering Jackson is once again a two-time MVP, but there’s more to it than that. Not only is Baltimore’s entire offense designed to match Jackson’s skill set, but their depth chart behind him isn’t very large, to put it mildly. The Ravens’ best backup quarterback is journeyman Josh Johnson, followed by two rookies: Devin Leary and Emory Jones.

Given Jackson’s injury history and how much the offense has deteriorated without him, the Ravens would be wise to invest in a better backup. CBS Sports has a proposal to address this issue, suggesting Baltimore trade for Dallas Cowboys backup Trey Lance.

“Johnson deserves praise for his durability as he enters Year 17 with his record 14th team with a different lineup, but at 38 years old and with just two passing touchdowns over the past two seasons, he is not a high-return insurance plan for the reigning NFL MVP in the character of Lamar Jackson,” writes CBS Sports. “Lance, meanwhile, is relatively unknown due to his injury-related start with the San Francisco 49ers, but his youth (24) and ability to play fast are assets, and the Dallas Cowboys have yet to use him behind Dak Prescott, which will likely lower his price tag.”

Lance, the third overall pick in the 2021 draft, was expected to be the future quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, and he even sat behind Jimmy Garoppolo in his rookie season to give him more time to develop. San Francisco handed him the reins in 2022, but he suffered a season-ending ankle injury in the second week of the season.

After even more questions about his future, the 49ers decided to trade Lance to the Cowboys just before last season. He then spent the entire season as Dallas’ third-string quarterback behind Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush, so it’s been a long time since he played any significant football.

Still, Lance is mobile enough to work in the Ravens offense, so he could be a good backup. Dallas only had to give up a fourth-round draft pick to acquire him this offseason, and considering his price will likely drop after a season on the bench, Baltimore could acquire him for virtually nothing if there was real interest.

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By meerna

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