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Slow start coming for the Baltimore Ravens?

By meerna Jun18,2024
Slow start coming for the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens would love to improve on their league-best 13-4 record from last season, but it will be extremely difficult.

Not only did the Ravens lose several key pieces from last year’s squad, but they failed to get a favorable draw to start the season. As if starting the season on the road against another champion Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game rematch wasn’t enough, Baltimore will face three other playoff contenders in Game 1 in the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals. five weeks.

Given such a brutal early challenge, it wouldn’t be surprising if Baltimore started the season slower than usual. In fact, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur went a step further, not only predicting that the Ravens would have a losing record after Week 5, but would also finish below their projected win total of 11.5.

“We’ve already discussed how thanks to the schedule makers, the Ravens will have a little more spring in their step. However, they will need it because they have more work to do, replacing most of their offensive line, defenders and the entire secondary,” writes Tafur. “Plus, they open for Chiefs, vs. Raiders, Cowboys, vs. the Bills and the Bengals, so it’s hard to see all the new pieces coming together and starting off with a 3-2 record. “Last season was the best season, the first time in four years the Ravens exceeded the season total (9.5 points), and we feel expectations are a little too high again this year.”

Considering Baltimore typically starts hot, a cooler day could cause some concern among fans. For example, the Ravens started the season 7-3, 6-3 in 2020 and 2021, and in 2019 they didn’t even lose three regular season games.

What’s more, the Ravens have started 2-3 or worse only twice in John Harbaugh’s 16 seasons. The first time was his freshman season in 2008, so the growing pains were understandable. The second time was in 2015, when Baltimore finished 5-11 after several serious injuries.

However, if the Ravens start at 2-3, there won’t be time to panic just yet. While the rest of the schedule remains tight, Baltimore is indeed playing in the toughest league in football, but it’s not as cutthroat as it was at the start. All it takes is one hot streak, which the Ravens have shown they can continue, to get their season back on track.

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By meerna

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