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Red Cross volunteers help injured drivers after a car crash in Dallas

By meerna Jun18,2024
Red Cross volunteers help injured drivers after a car crash in Dallas

Two American Red Cross volunteers were in the right place at the right time to help several drivers after a car accident. On Thursday, June 6, Shelly Berger and Rosie Collins went to the Red Cross office in Dallas, Texas. They stopped at the busy intersection of Market Center Boulevard and Stemmons Freeway.

The driver next to them entered the intersection when the light turned green. The driver ran a red light in the opposite direction and collided with the car next to Berger and Collins. They immediately pulled over to the side of the road, jumped out of the car and began the action.

Berger and Collins helped the drivers out of their vehicles. Berger remembers how shocked the drivers were. They helped drivers stay as calm as possible and did everything they could to help them, showing kindness and heroism. Berger also spoke with police to ensure emergency vehicles could get to the scene quickly.

While waiting for additional emergency services to arrive, Red Crosses were directing traffic near the accident site. They remained at the scene to give statements to police and insurers.

“Rosie looked at me as we were leaving and said, ‘That could have been us,’” Berger said.

After they left the shocking scene, they were both thankful that they were safe and grateful that they could help. One of the drivers who was injured in the crash later contacted Collins and Berger and expressed his gratitude for their help.

Trained emergency responders Berger and Collins traveled to Texas as part of the Red Cross relief effort following multiple tornadoes and storms that devastated communities throughout the North Texas region. Berger is from Louisiana and Collins is from Arizona.

“We don’t live in Texas, but we’re here for the American Red Cross,” Berger said. “We are here to support the mission of the Red Cross.”

Instinct told Berger and Collins to immediately jump out of their car to help strangers at a busy Dallas intersection. Their actions on Thursday morning demonstrate not only their compassion for others, but also the Red Cross’s mission to alleviate human suffering by helping others.

“That’s what led to our instinct and response to injured people who need help, and that’s what we did,” Collins said. “American Red Cross volunteers have a personality that says, I’m here to help.”

By meerna

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