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One of the young Seattle Seahawks players predicted a breakout in 2024

By meerna Jun18,2024
One of the young Seattle Seahawks players predicted a breakout in 2024

The Seattle Seahawks have the seventh youngest roster in the NFL. The team has added a lot of this talent in the last three drafts. Still, Seattle was just 9-8 in each of the last two seasons. There is talent, but there is no success at the highest level. At least not yet.

Perhaps the young talent has recently been limited by the team’s management. There will be no excuses to continue this. Seattle relieved Pete Carroll of coaching duties in the offseason and replaced him with Mike Macdonald. Offensive and defensive coordinators are also different. But the coaches are just advancements from the same Seattle system; the design of the entire team will be new.

This should bring out the potential of young players. If they put themselves in a better position to succeed, they should actually be more successful. This especially applies to defensive situations. Most of the skill position players on offense have had good years, including DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Mostly young guys on defense? Not so much.

However, Pro Football Focus believes that will change for one young defender. Their list of players they expect to break out in 2024 includes Boye Mafe, a player from Seattle. Mafe was on the verge of great form last year, but faded in the second half of the season.

In 2023, Mafe had 9 sacks and 58 total pressures. He also scored 29 runs. The problem is that after Week 10, Mafe only played one game in which he was sacked or tackled for a loss. He had two sacks and two tackles for loss in Week 16 against the Tennessee Titans. In other words, Mafe didn’t bother at all in the second half of the season.

Part of the problem was Mafe’s inability to fix the transition from being extremely productive – he got a sack in every game between Weeks 3 and 10 – to knowing how to adapt as offenses adjusted to him. He apparently didn’t communicate clearly with former defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt and former head coach Carroll about how to solve his problems. Still, Mafe showed he was physically capable of greatness.

Next. The Seahawks may already be regretting their biggest mistake this offseason. The Seahawks may already be regretting their biggest mistake this offseason. dark

The good news for Mafe is that he will have better direction thanks to Mike Macdonald defending. In 2023, the Edge Rush player’s blood pressure rate was 13.1%. At the beginning of the season, this number was higher and among the best in the league. Macdonald could use Mafe the same way he did with Jadeveon Clowney last season in terms of lining up the defensive front when Clowney and Macdonald were with the Baltimore Ravens.

Clowney had a 15.4% pressure rate and a 16.8% rushing win rate. If Mafe gets close to those numbers, and again has the skill to do so, he could match Clowney’s 2023 marks of 11 sacks and 78 total pressures.

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